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Is it possible to shoot the walker attacking molly?

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The walker in the hallway at crawford, after she owns three of them?
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  • Yes. I shot the walker on my first playtrough.
  • Maybe i should rephrase that. Kill the walker with your shot
  • When Clementine is with you, she'll shoot it. If you don't take Clementine with you, you have three things you can do in that situation.
    1: Shoot the walker
    2: Don't shoot and she runs away to not be seen again
    3: Shoot Molly and she's not seen again
    So to answer your question, yes, you can shoot the walker in the hallway if you DON'T have Clementine with you.
  • You can shoot the walker, but if you bring Clem, the she'll shoot it for you. I left Clem at the house and wasted that zombie on my first playthrough, after overcoming my urge to shoot Molly.
  • Typicaldavid;751022 said:
    Maybe i should rephrase that. Kill the walker with your shot
    Yes. I killed the walker with my shot on my first playtrough. :)
  • In my playthrough, I accidentally shot Molly and my head just screamed "What have you done!?" Then I was watching another playthrough where the guy didn't bring Clem, and he just points and clicks. Then the walker was dead. And I was like, ".__. Huh." Curse you lagging mouse!
  • Another person here who left Clementine at the house and killed the walker with the first shot. I thought it was easy, and I was surprised some people accidentally shot Moly.
  • I killed the walker first try and didn't realize there were other possibilities until I watch walkthroughs.
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