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So, Windows 8 worth it?

posted by JordyLicht on - last edited - Viewed by 577 users
Hey y'all,

I see a lot of posts from people who have trouble running Walking Dead under Windows 8, which got me thinking why people installed Windows 8 anyway.
Any stories or experiences to share why you should definitely (not) install Windows 8? Is it really better than Windows 7, which (as a Mac user) is the best Windows OS yet, in my humble opinion.
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  • Windows 8 is good if you have a tablet computer. Whether it's good for anything else remains to be seen.
  • Windows 8 is horrible and unless you have a touchpad. And if you want a touchpad why not get an iPad.
  • I don't understand all the Windows 8 hate. Sure, it's different than Windows 7, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I've been using it since the Consumer Preview, and I've been liking it.
  • I'll probably get a free version of Windows 8 from my school, so I guess I'll wait until that comes out and then dual boot my Mac to see how it runs.
  • der_ketzer;749925 said:
    Windows 8 is horrible unless you have a touchpad. But if you want a touchpad, why not get an iPad?
    Because iPads are so horribly overblown on ease-of-use that advanced customization and/or changing various advanced settings is impossible without jailbreaking (perhaps not even then);

    Apple almost requires you to use the clunky bloatware that is iTunes to transfer files;

    When you do transfer files, you can't just dump them on the device and let the device figure out which programs can use it--you have to tell iTunes to tell the iPad which program is going to use it first before copying;

    If iTunes doesn't expect a certain program, that you want to use with a file, can use it, then it's a bitch to fix;

    And the damn thing is $500 MINIMUM, which is way too much to spend if you're not using it for work purposes (ie. if you're only playing Angry Birds, watching Netflix, reading email/Facebook, and browsing the net) when there are $200 devices that do the same thing.
  • I don't see a purpose in ever getting a tablet for anything. I'm fine with my laptop. If I want a portable computer I'll just get a smartphone of some kind. Someday. I have no interest in Windows 8.
  • der_ketzer;749925 said:
    Windows 8 is horrible and unless you have a touchpad. And if you want a touchpad why not get an iPad.
    Because Android.
  • GuruGuru214;750690 said:
    Because Android.

    I've played with the iPad my Dad gave me (long story--he got it for free. Don't ask.) and also with his iPhone, and at length with a coworker's Samsung Android phone.

    Android is superior.
  • In my experience, and iPad feels like a large iPod touch. And android tablet, so much more like a computer, whilst still retaining the nice "pick up and play" usability that a decent smartphone has.

    Heck, my tablet even crashes like a computer! :D
  • I would say that an iPad is a good substitute for a computer for people who don't really use their computer for much. Like my mom. She uses her expensive Apple laptop as a storage device for photos and as a word processor... and very little else. She says it's because it's too heavy and then uses her iPad for everything under the sun. She's barely even using the word processing stuff on the laptop anymore. She's got an iPhone as well, but she barely uses that for anything other than calling people. It's kinda weird.
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