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If/when Season 4 is made, what ending do you think'll be canon?

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With two endings to season three, how do you think Telltale will release Season 4?

By the way, I'm PSYCHED for season four. I'm not exactly sure how popular/successful Sam and Max is as a series, but I, after playin S3E5, knew that a fourth season is inevitable. Man, that episode TRULY felt like it would go on forever before abruptly ending (lol). Season Four... It IS being made right now. I can feel it.

Personally, I'll believe that they should show a slightly fused ending -- one that's a compromise between adventuring and crimefighting. Since adventuring (season two/three) seems to have given cooler storylines then crimefighting (season 1), I picked adventuring.

Anyway... What type of continuity do you think will be used in Season 4?

Or maybe it will show the adventures of the alternate past Sam and Max in Season 4?!
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  • I don't think they will show Past Sam & Max's adventures because i think it would be the same as what we already seen. Only difference i think would be Sam would have powers instead of Max. Personally i'm hoping for as good a story as Season 3 had and i want the normal Max to come back. Maybe just one day as Sam & Past Max are in the office and then normal Max walks in and explains that he did not blow up but the toy phone teleported Max, Stinky and Skunkape back in time and then Max used another Time travel elevator to go back to normal time. Just imagine the jokes with 2 Max's.
  • Just imagine the jokes with 2 Max's.

    Yes, oh how COOL that would be.
  • Both. At the same time.
  • Whatever the ending I'd imagine it would just show Sam & Max in the office after the adventures either the normal or the timetraveling.
  • With the third season ending with two endings, I have a feeling that we might get something unexpected about it. Besides, does anyone at telltale(purcell included) have interest for doing a season 4 of Sam and Max?
  • Also when the hell has Sam and Max cared about basic continuity? Who cares what is canon, it's all fun! :)
  • But the endings aren't very different, just a few altered lines and whether Sam leaves his hat or Sam Jr. Behind (which he comes back to grab anyway). I don't think it would be extremely difficult to reconcile both endings :confused:
  • They'll make a veiled reference/joke about all the Internet butt-hurt that the ending of season 3 caused and then never mention it again.
  • Here's an idea in case someone from TT is reading this:

    The opening cutscene to S4 is a flashback that shows Sam and past Max agreeing to be heroes; both crime fighters and aventrers. They then move the elevator time traveller to the office and stay in it, reay for whatever comes next.
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