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Backstory contest

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Okay this has been bugging me how we never really know what some of the charectors did before the out break so I was thinking that we can do a fan made one basicly all you do is pick a charector without background and make it Here are some charectors: Kenny, Katjaa, Carly, Doug, Lily, Larry, Mark, Chet,Jolene,
Irene, chuck, Cancer survivor, Fivel, Oberson and some others let the background story's begin.
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  • Ben was an average student in Stone Mountain, and lived in town along with his parents and his 13 year-old sister. He played in the school's band along with his best friend Travis, who was a bit of a smartass. He also played basketball (even if he wasn't that good) and enjoyed listening to Eminem and watching Star Wars. While the school's band travelled to the football playoffs, their bus was attacked by zombies. Only a few students, led by Mr.David Parker, the band's director, managed to run away to an abandoned gym. While they were earching for supplies there, one of the students, Steve, was bit, and Ben had to put him down. Shortly after Steve's girlfriend, Jenny Pitcher, took a cocktail of painkillers and other meds so she could join him. Sadly, she reanimated and killed nearly every other girl in the dorm. The few remaning survivors decided to leave. Ben felt guilty because he gave Jenny the pills, because she said she had troubles sleeping. After a while, a group of bandits attacked the group and only Ben, Travis and Mr. Parker were the only left. After 3 days of running away, David walked in an hidden bear trap. THe rest of Ben's story is well-known.
  • Chet lived near The Greene's farm and was a very fat and chubby man. His mother must've been very proud of him. She made him hot dishes plenty of times, and then one day he went out with Shawn and they barely got away from the walkers. They picked up Lee and Clem too. Then Chet went to eat hot dish AGAIN!
  • QuarterPounderVlad;749419 said:
    Chet lived near The Greene's farm and was a very fat and chubby man. His mother must've been very proud of him. She made him hot dishes plenty of times, and then one day he went out with Shawn and they barely got away from the walkers. They picked up Lee and Clem too. Then Chet went to eat hot dish AGAIN!
    YAY!!!! MY fave chet! BUT you forgot what the hotdish tasted like1
  • Kaserkin;749412 said:
    Ben was an average student in Stone Mountain, and lived in town.....etc.
    And he played saxophone. :)
  • "Oh fuck, honey, get Duck into the truck." Kenny said, as he backed away slowly from the twitching...thing, on the ground. The smell coming off it was horrible, and the skin looked...rotten, in places. It gave off a low, hungered moan as the fisherman slowly backed away, knucles stained with the thing's blood. It crawled slowly toward him, unable to rise off the pavement, reaching for him with its one good hand. Kenny clenched his fists and practically dove into the driver's seat, stepping on the gas and speeding out of the gas station as if Hell itself was coming after them. We gotta get back to Lauderdale, he thought to himself as the truck sped into the night.

    "Honey, close your eyes," Katjaa said, as she hugged Duck closer to her. Kenny gripped the steering wheel and put pressure on the gas pedal as the truck began to gain speed. He narrowed his eyes as the shambling figure grew closer, gripping the wheel tighter until his knuckles turned white. With an audible "thump" they passed over the monster, or ghoul, or whatever the hell these things were. He didn't know what to call them, he wasn't some kind of college professor. Katjaa winced as she looked at the hood of the truck, with a small column of smoke beginning to appear from the engine. "Ken, we need to stop. I don't know how much more Ducky can take."

    "It'll be alright hon. We just gotta find someplace safer than the middle of the road..." Then he spotted it. In the distance, a house and a barn in a field. Must be some kinda farm, he speculated. He pulled the truck up alongside the mailbox an an older man stepped outside. Kenny stepped out of the truck, keeping Kat and Duck close behind him as he stepped up to the man and shook his hand. "Name's Hershel Greene," the man said. "You folks lookin' for somethin'?"
  • Well, i thought it might be interesting to write some fan fiction, although i'm not really a writer so i'll do my best. let me know how it is, critique it and stuff, and if it seems like it is entertaining a good amount of people, ill continue. im only gonna write a little bit since i dont know it will turn out.... here it is.

    The Caul's: Morning of Judgement Day. Chapter one

    another day sitting at this goddamn office, great. she thought to herself.

    She sipped on her coffee once more, and looked behind her and out through the window. She looked out and watched one of the new F-15's smoothly take off for it's practice runs. The most current jet fighter in the US military, with a sleek ,gray design and single seat with a single screaming engine, which soared gracefully and frankly, mighty, against the blue skies. The reflection of her face on the window showed fatigue and hardening. She had brown eyes that matched with her smooth brown hair, just long enough that the Air Force allowed it. She wasn't the kind of woman to have make-up caked onto her and have cute feminine cheeks. Instead, she looked more athletic and almost showed details of a fighter with eyes that scrutinize you but at the same time, delicacy could fool you very well. Her father was one of the causes of this. The great Commander Caul of the United States Army, the father of Lilly Caul who serves in the United States Air Force at the Robins Base in Georgia.

    Served in Vietnam, as well as the Korean War, Retired Commander Caul was a rough-houser and grizzled old man. A big bruiser, with broad shoulders and fists almost the size of Brock Lesnar, you could tell that he could take a man down with one good swing. Serving in the infantry before becoming a Commander, many of his buddy's, like Lipton, Sink, Dye, Webster and whole lot others from Easy Company 506th went through the war; some of never came back home and never forgotten. Some of the orders that he was given back in the war, caused their deaths. Married to Ethel, who was dear to him, passed away three years ago. He always kept her marriage ring with him to remind him of her.

    She pivoted back towards her desk, a pitiful boring piece of furniture stacked with files and paper work, where a picture of Larry and Ethel were sitting together with an easy smile on each other while leaning against one another. Based from the picture, you would be fooled that Larry was a big old teddy bear with charm coming out right out of him.

    " uh, Miss Caul? Did you ask for a replacement telephone?" She looked up to see a clean shaven man, around his early-30's, blue eyes with glasses and black gel-ed hair at attention at her door. " Yes. Yes, I did. You must be the Commissary Supply officer?" He also had a voice that was kind of light for a male, not to mention his posture looked a little intimidated, but his face kept stern.

    "Yes, ma'am. I have that new telephone that you requested for to command." He stepped towards her and in front of her desk.

    " Here's the broken one, and tell them I need a new chair as well. I've already asked them a couple of dozen times, so I need you to tell them directly." She so politely asked.

    With that, he left the telephone on her desk and took the old one.

    Once she was able to connect the lines, she immediately called to see if it worked.

    "Hello?" a gruff and grumpy voice replied. "Hey Dad, its me."

    "Hey darling, is something wrong? Why didn't you just call me with your cellphone?" His voice lighten and only showed some concern and endearment.
    "Nothing Dad, just testing the new phone is all. Having you been taking your meds? I can pick up some if you'd like." she added. " No, no, I can handle myself, I'm not dead yet and sure as hell not going to that retirement home that you keep telling me to go to." he remarked. " Dad. It was just a suggestion. How have you been?" She asked. " I'm fine, darling" But she could tell he was just the same as has been. " Hey, how 'bout I meet you later, back up at Robin's Base and go see the planes again, maybe give a tour also with the new ones, huh?"

    "Sure, Dad. I'll pick you-"

    "No, it's fine. I'll meet you there at 5, alright?"

    "Alright Dad. Love you" "Love you too" and the phone clicked.

    Moments later, a soft few finger taps sang at the door. " So, your old man is coming today?"

    Captain Malarkey, or Donald, "Donnie" only by Lilly, was a handsome and almost stereotypical hollywood-portrayed pilot. He had the well-tended hair with a fit athletic body, wearing the Air Force leather jacket and sunglasses hanging from his shirt. Between he and her, it almost looked like a real-life Top Gun movie, starring Tom Hanks. Only, she wasn't blonde and he wasn't all so cocky during flight.

    "Hey, Donnie" she said, with a soft smile while her eye brows relaxed and bowed. Finally, something to brighten my day! Thank God!
    She could feel the giddiness of a child but reserves herself.

    "Yeah, he's alone and I'd like to keep him company, you know?"

    "Aw come on, we were supposed to have today with ourselves remember?" He approached her and gave her kiss.

    "Donnie. It's my Dad, and he asked me to take him touring again. I'm really sorry. How about tomorrow? I promise I'll make it up. I'll spend tomorrow night at your house." she spoke softly to him and give him a kiss on his cheek and replaced it with her palm. She also gave the puppy-eyed look and all he did was stare down with weakness while wrapping one arm around her waist.

    "Okay, fine. But tomorrow, as promised." he said with a slight smile.

    "Thanks Donnie" she kissed him and he walked back to the door.
    "You sure your old man doesn't want to go to that retirement home that I told you about?" he asked before leaving.

    " he said he was 'sure as hell'. So I'll give you that answer. But thanks anyways." She smiled and he returned it back and walked away.

    Lilly looked down at her desk, after a few moments of listening to his fading footsteps, only to look at unfinished papers.

    here we go, another day at the glorious Air Force office.

    I'll try to work on the next one soon....
  • HiggsBoson2142;749678 said:
    And he played saxophone. :)
    Thanks, I didn't remember that.
  • Lee was a very wealthy intergalatic ninja,who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Kaserkin;749793 said:
    Thanks, I didn't remember that.
    Oh, he didn't say that. I play the saxophone. :P
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