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next to lee which person didn't deserve to die

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we all know lee shouldn't of died but had to but other fello survivors died either too soon or even late but which one do you think should of made it
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  • In before nine pages of "Carley".

    Anyway, probably Mark. Okay, I didn't expect him to survive to the finale but he bit it pretty quickly after his introduction.

    Maybe Chuck? Gives some valid advice to Lee, seems like a friendly enough guy, homeless, saves Clem and then gets eaten... he killed himself first, but still.
  • I'd probably go with Kenny. Yeah, you could say a lot of the things he did were bad, but I just think he was doing what he thought was necessary to survive. Even if you think he was bad, in Episode 5 he really becomes like he was in Episode 1, the best version of him, right before he dies.

    Other than Kenny, I'd go with Mark for sure. We didn;t get to know him all that well, but he seemed like a pretty nice guy in the time that we did know him. He would have been an awesome friend to have go with us to Savannah, and hopefully survive with Christa and Omid.
  • As much as I loved Carley and Kenny, I'm going to have to agree that Mark was unfairly killed off. We didn't get to "meet" him as it were, and we barely got to know him before he was whisked off to be carved up for dinner. At the least I would have liked to have gotten to know him more before he died. He seemed like a decent fellow.
  • I guess I should change my answer instead of always answering "BEN!" (He was just a kid!). I'm gonna go with Kenny, who always tried to make things right (He screwed that plan up pretty bad) but lost his family while trying to do it. He died within three days of his wife and son...
  • I think Kenny.. Even though he chose the death himself, I still think he should have lived.
  • Kenny - the best bro
  • Duck. The kid should've survived.
  • My top 5 are... (1 being one I most liked to live)
    1)Kenny (either way)
    4)Ben (either way)
  • Nobody deserved to die (well... maybe Larry), but it wouldn't have been much of a zombie apocalypse if they'd survived.
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