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Limited Choices discussion (merged threads)

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I was a bit disappointed with the story choices. Reminded me of LA Noir, where most game choices are superficial. If you pick Shawn he still dies the same. Even if the other chosen character died(Doug or Carlie), the other said the same things. And no matter what I said nothing changed story points, like Larry shoving you down even if you side with him. Oh and with Glenn, if you hand the girl the gun he says how can you let people give up but if you refuse he says how can you deny someone's choice! The character's in the game should have the same convictions no matter what you choose, this is unacceptable character development.

Supposedly the choices of Episode 1 greatly affect how everyone views you though... I sure hope the following episodes prove more impressive with the choices, and I realllllly hope it branches out and expands more. For a 2hr game it should have a lot more possibilities.

I know it's only a $5 game, just please don't let me down.

Otherwise, the story itself was awesome, the gameplay is really good and the art style is incredible. Still the best TT game to date! Keep it up guys!
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  • Rock114;684499 said:
    It seems to me that, while all players are heading in the same general direction, our experiences getting to that point are different from player to player. I saved Carley instead of Doug. I shot Duck instead of making Kenny do it. I helped kill Larry in the meat locker. Others saved Doug, or tried to help Larry. You get a different experience based on what you do, but it's not like saving Larry would have meant that we'll find the cure for zombieism from him later on.

    Lee can influence how people see him and act toward him, but he's not going to become king of the bandits if he chooses this, or kill all the walkers in Macon if he does that. The story IS, in fact, tailored by what you do. Have you guys seen all the threads about Lilly vs Kenny? Let's not turn this thread into ANOTHER one of those threads, but I feel they're a good example of how deeply (or not) your choices go. Kenny saved me from Danny because I helped him with Larry. However, Yami was saved by Lilly because he tried to revive Larry. I saw Kenny spring to my rescue, while he saw Kenny cower in the stall watching Lee have a gun shoved in his face. Those scenes are different, with different interactions between the characters. Afterward, we're still both outside the barn talking to whoever we saved in Episode 1, and Ben. It goes almost exactly the same in both our games. We get the same exact scene, but our ways of getting their and our attitudes toward the characters we interacted with are different.

    While TWD may not exactly be you doing whatever you want, as we are railroaded by a plot spanning the entire season, but our ways of getting to each of the major points of that plot aren't the same. Kenny is my best friend going into Savvanah right now, while other people hate his guts and want him dead. Clementine is learning from us too, and being mshaped by not only the actions that we, as players, make but by how we explain them to her afterwards. It doesn't seem to be very fair to say that our choices don't matter AT ALL by this point in the game, as we're only 60% of the way to the end. But at the same time, there are sections where Lee is stuck picking between things that players may say "I wouldn't do either of those! Where does my choice come in?!" to.

    In the end, Telltale is telling us a story. We get to choose how some things happen along the way, but we're all going in the same general direction no matter what we do. Personally, I have no problem with changing a few things along the way, so long as the overall plot of the season that I am being railroaded to is well written and believable (which, in my opinion, it has been so far). But that wall of text is just my opinion. I felt I should put in my 2 cents.
    My point exactly. We are going the same way, but we all have different experiences. If you ask 10 of us to make a drawing of a swing, we will all draw a swing, but each drawing will look different.

    I'm enjoying this game a lot because choices are not obvious most of the time. Hence all the discussions here on the forum.
  • I haven't read all the posts but same applies to Omid & Christa, whoever you save first they still tell you that you should have saved the other one.
  • Telltalegames;

    I discovered this game in a review and tried it out based on the reviewer's assessment. I love the concept of a story driven open choice game where actions change the storyline. The Walking Dead? Close, but no cigar.

    You are on the verge of something brilliant, truly, but in order to achieve this you need to commit to the open storyline. What you have delivered is a linear storyline with an open choice veneer. Either way, you need to advertise the product properly. I feel a little duped.

    This is what EA Games did in Mass Effect 3. Although it has received great reviews, it has has been an unmitigated disaster for the Bioware subsidiary. Gamers hate misrepresentation: Mass Effect's fan base did a lot to ensure that EA beat out Bank of America for the The Consumerist's (Consumer Reports) Golden Poo award. I'm sure that this is not where you want you company to be.

  • Don't blame them because you didn't understand what they were offering.
  • Ok, lets pack it up guys! telltale is shutting down because a *snip* said that they're copying! say goodbye to clem and stuff and sam and max cause this troll said so.

    Regards telltale (Un)offical
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    I merged this thread with the limited choices discussion. It might be worth reading it from post one, actually. Although arguments get really repetitive, the comparison to Mass Effect is there from post number three.
  • "The story is TAILORED to your decisions".
  • So I thought the game was tailored by my descisions - but now after beating it I realised its actually just a bluff. Everything happens no matter what I do and I can't change anything (maybe just postpone). Dont get me wrong, I love the game and was devastated when it ended, but I somehow feel "tricked" since there is just one possible ending that cannot be changed by any means. What about Katjaa? What about the bite, the dairy, Carley? I wish I could have made it different...what do you think?
  • The game is 'tailored' not completely changed

    It doesn't change the destination but it changes the experience and the ride

    Telltale isn't a big company and The walking dead was more popular than would have been expected

    Tailored is correct but not changed or different especially

    They didn't have the budget, time for different endings and it is hard to work out how different endings could impact season 2 especially if it is a continuation of the story
  • The Walking Dead was Telltale's first attempt at a story with branching arches. You saw the length of the credits, and the budget wasn't exactly "AAA". Coupled with their inexperience in "tailored" games, this limited what they could do with the game. Still, the game did a lot better at tailoring than some other games, and the writing and voice-acting was great.

    Expect to see a lot more "tailoring" going on in the second season. Telltale is now a lot more experienced in the area and the commercial success of the game will help to justify a higher budget and a larger team.

    I'd like to see something like The Witcher 2, where a single decision made in the first chapter will completely change the location of the 2nd chapter (roughly 15 hours), along with the quests and your alliances. You could really feel the impact of choices, and it felt good.
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