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Cannot download episodes 2-5

posted by Donut Funn on - last edited - Viewed by 973 users
Every time I try downloading any of the episodes, I get an error saying that the connection has been lost, even though the wifi is perfectly intact.

Please help.

UPDATE: I read somewhere (I think somewhere here actually) that this may be because the device heats up rapidly during the download.

So last night, I removed my phone from its case and set it down next to an open window, and lo and behold, I was able to download two episodes.

Will be attempting the last two tonight and will update again.
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  • This is crazy, I've paid for episodes 2 - 5 on my iPad. Every time I try and download the content it fails. I have tried this for 7 days across many different connections and am now home on my fast stable connection.


    This is not my connection issue this is Telltale Games.

    I love this game but I've been trying too many times and it's killing my happiness.

    Everything else in the world downloads with no problems... if you tell me this is 'something a small amount of users are experiencing' I will reach through the internet and start slapping, cos we all know that's a bullshit line.

    Cheers and thanks for the good game so far.
  • Why do you sell a game that is not working at all? I paid you money for nothing.

    After dozens of failed downloads, I'm mad as hell.

    You do realize that you stole my money?
    This is the way you treat paying customers?

    And still you keep selling the episodes... You just collect the money and give nothing in return. You do know that this is illegal?
  • This does not happen to me on my ipod touch 4g
  • I think the problem is with iPad. I've got Ipad3. The problem is overheating?
    I tried that. Opened a window and it's freezing here in Finland. No help with that.

    And I should be able to download a game without moving to north pole. Or what Telltale?

    Come on guys of Telltale! Others are able to produce a game that can be downloaded with iPad and without moving to north pole.

    Are there many of you with a similar problem?
  • Same issue.. Paid my $15 and they wont download. This is obviously a known issue. Would at least expect a hey we know there is a problem and we are working on it. Really like the game but if this is how telltale handles customer service it will be the last cent they get from me.
  • I have purchased the walking dead and have gotten a 15.88$ iTunes card and I love the walking dead alot! But when I saw that its more than 14.99 (I did the math) I was terribly shocked! Ill purchase episodes 2-4 but I would like episode 5 " no time left " for free please! This wasn't funny and I really enjoy your magnificent work telltale!

    Please don't fail me now

    ~Nick Abreu (Nicklordzero)
  • I down loaded episode 1 on my iphone 4. I've completed that and totally loved it and eager to play episodes 2/5. But...... the inapp purchase menu just has "coming soon" with no option to download. I haven't paid for 2/5 yet because of the problems in this thread and even then, would they appear in the inapp purchase menu showing available to download if I did pay for them now? I can't get that close!

    Come on guys please sort out our problems. Please answer.
  • Not sure if this will help with download. I kept failing at downloads too. My wifi connection is strong, but after a while, it says lost connection. So what I did was, I left my iPad beside my router. Don't forget to set the auto-lock to OFF. Download with no problem.

    As for the "coming soon" issue, I have no idea how. When I first bought the game, I also bought the whole package for $15. It kept showing "coming soon" for at least a month. I put a complaint at this forum too, but no real answer on how to fix it. Gave up and just keep checking from time to time and one day, it showed available for download.
  • Thanks imood, I'll just keep checking then.

    It would been nice if the tech team could give some explanation and advice too?? :confused:
  • I have Ipod touch 4G and purchased the multi-pac for episodes 2-5. Everytime I click on the GET button it just says the connection has been lost. Just emailed the telltalegames support, hope there is a solution to this, or I will ask for my money back. Grrrrgrrr
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