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Does anyone agree with me on this....(kenny)

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i was looking through threads but can't seem to find one that talks about this so...

i honestly think that kenny didn't deserve to die..(well no one knows if he died or so because they didn't show it) if he did, it isn't like kenny to do such thing. He himself said during conversation that " it isn't right to just leave the people who cares for you and that you need to push on and help those who need it.."

so if anyone agrees with me on this... i would say that kenny shot ben to take him out of misery and found an open window in the building and survived.

season 2 goes on and clem got together with omid and crista then kenny comes in. ( hopefully solved his issues and would continue life for clem..or something like that)

lol i know kenny was an ass the whole season but i wish he is still in second season proving people wrong that he will now keep his cool and try to survive for the sake of looking for a new beginning.... :D
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  • Oh by the way, if you tell him Katjaa wouldn't want this, he says "I either get to save the boy or see her...", meaning he obviously didn't want to, AND wanted to die. It didn't matter to him. If he was to survive them and not get bitten, I'm sure we would of seen him again. But he accepted his fate.....
    Fack... :(
  • Well, I don't think Kenny deserved it either. But you have to look at it like this... The man went out on his own terms. He choose to stay in the alley, or to jump down for Christa, knowing full well how it would end for him. But he did it anyway, to help someone he hated. He was just starting to become like Episode 1 Kenny again, and then he goes and bites it. Poor guy :(
  • No I agree, no one deserved to die. Especially not kenny, I was really upset when he protected Ben and sacrificed himself :(
    Sure, he argued with lee alot and maybe put his family first, but that scene was just heart wrenching for me.
  • I honestly think Kenny wasn't an asshole. That's just how he is, and how he was raised. Everybody over exaggerates the things he does. All he does is for the safety of the group, especially his family. I mean, he lost his wife and son, give him a break.
  • ZRPG;735745 said:
    To be honest, I don't find this probable. I too actually liked Kenny, but I think the way in which he died actually helped the story a lot, to show how no one is safe during a zombie apocalypse. He died admirably to defend (in this case) someone he had ridiculed the whole game to prove a point he needed to make.

    You also don't consider the other split to the story, if you hadn't saved Ben. In that case he jumps down a hole and is surrounded in darkness by zombies, so I don't see how he could escape. It's a stretch to say he survived in Ben's situation as well.
    You don't really get it, do you? The only part that showed that people aren't safe during the zombie apocalypse was when Lee got bitten.
    Kenny's part didn't have anything to do with that. He fucking sacrificed himself, he knew he could have shot Ben and left the alley.
  • what I want to say is ... Kenny is a good father. At first, I can not understand why he didn't save Lee in the barn... but now he must keep himself safe to save his family...
  • You're right in thinking that Kenny didn't deserve to die. Nobody did. TT sent out Kenny in a great way, we never got to see him torn apart by those zombies. He's dead.
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    See, the thing is, this franchise has a history of tricking people into thinking others or dead. Or rather, it's taught me to not believe anyone's truly dead unless you see a body. Examples?


    Andrew in the TV series. You see him get left with a bunch of zombies, but he survives and winds up causing trouble for the group later. A lot of it.

    Carol, also in the TV series. T-Dog 'saves' her, and it's implied she died, when really, she didn't, but they find something of hers and she's in a dire situation when you see her last.

    Tyreese in the comics is locked in a room with dozens of zombies and (I think?) nothing but a hammer. He kills all of them and is rescued later by the group amidst all the dead walkers.

    Even Lilly in the video game series falls into this category. She's left behind in one case, and you see a zombie running at her, and then she turns tail, but anyone who's read the comics knows she's still alive.

    There are other examples too, but those are three (four if you count Lilly) standouts. Kenny stands out because NEITHER of his death scenes show him being killed, or even bitten. Every other character is confirmed dead in some way. You either see them being killed or see a body...with the exception of Kenny. Think about it. Why would they specifically have two vague death scenes for a character? It's not because people love him, since they like brutal death scenes. It's not because they think it's obvious he dies, since he's NEVER shown to die.

    By the way, I'm not one of those idiots who puts stock into conspiracy this case, ideas that Lee is alive and so such. But Kenny is definitely alive. I'd bet a lot of money on it, simply due to this franchise's history with characters in this sort of situation.

    Not dead if you don't have the body to prove it.

    Only possible exception I could see is him being a zombie, but I doubt even that. We'll see him in season 2 or 3, guaranteed.
  • Well, I don't know if Kenny is dead or not, but they certainly want us to wonder.

    He did go out heroically, though, even if it was a bit unnecessary. Towards the end he really grew as a person, (almost) getting along with everyone, changing his mind about Ben... I was fiercely proud of him. Well done, Telltale! Now bring him back for season 2! ;)
  • I don't think Kenny's dead.
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