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Steam, Mac, Episode Five Coming Soon Issue.

posted by RufusTheCat on - last edited - Viewed by 179 users
I've searched these forums up and down and haven't found a fix for my specific problem. I'm running The Walking Dead on a Mac via Steam and am having the problem where when I load the game up, the two saves listed say "Episode 3" (when I finished Episode 4 a day or two after it was released.)

Episode 5 has downloaded, but I can't start it with all my decisions intact. Loading up Episode 4 puts me in the place where Lee is bitten, and completing the episode to the end makes it so Episode Five is merely "Coming Soon," not playable. While all the other threads recommend the replacement of the pref.props file, I've run an entire search on my Mac and can't find that file AT ALL...

I want to play Episode 5 with all my decisions intact! Please help! (Maybe even a patch that allows you to start Episode 5 and enter in all your previous decisions, as an immediate solution?) Thanks for your time!!!
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