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What was your favorite Walking Dead character of them all?

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I'm personally going with Kenny.
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  • I went with clem for obvious reasons. I kinda think voting for lee is cheating as essentially you ARE lee and make most of his decisions, eventhough i do love him
  • only i voted for Shawn, wow
  • Uggh I can't choose!

    (Not in any order)

    Lee- Was a major badass. I had two playthroughs. On one playthrough he was the guy that stepped up to make all the hard decisions, always putting Clementine above himself. He consoled people, was honest, and tried to do everything morally possible. That Lee was awesome. My other Lee was the bad counterpart. He was quick to attack people and threatened often. He killed many people my other good Lee didn't for the safety of the group.

    Clem- Do I even need to explain?

    Kenny- He was my bro. A likable but flawed man, I loved that he was nether black or white in morality but gray. Honestly such a cool guy that just wanted to survive and do the best for his family.

    Carley- Had a brief flirtationship and I think she offered a lot more to the story than Doug (Who I like too)

    Ben- Sometimes he was annoying, and definetly made the wrong call more often that not. But he was so real and just wanted to prove himself. I know he isn't the most popular of characters but I really did like him.

    Mark- A very shortlived character that wasn't completely fleshed out, but he was a cool guy that I was very sad to see die in the way that he did.
  • I'll put my top five. Well... not exactly five...

    First is most definitely Ben, by a long way.
    I also really liked Mark, so he comes second.
    Third would probably be Kenny.
    Fourth, Beatrice or that random pretty walker that appears in Savannah :P ...And Lee.
    Fifth... uh... Molly or Lily, maybe Andy St John. Hell, maybe even Omid and Christa.

    I also liked Brenda and Larry, because, well, Brenda grew up in Rural Georgia and was taught not to waste, and Larry has charm coming out of his ass.

    And I also loved the walkers. They were classy. And I liked Irene, and Jolene was awesome.

    I have a thing for crazy characters.
  • Lilly or Carley, I can't pick one.
  • Game
    1. Clementine
    2. Lee Everett
    3. Carley

    1. Andrea
    2. Rick Grimes
    3. Michonne

    Television Show
    1. Daryl Dixon
    2. Merle Dixon
    3. Carl Grimes
  • Plan_R wrote: »
    Game: Clementine
    Comic: Andrea
    Show: Darryl

    Are you me? :p
  • Omid. I always found him funny. He's adorable with Christa, too.
  • I voted for Chuck.

    I loved that an alcoholic homeless man that used to ride the rails, ends up giving Lee crucial advice that saves Clem, and also ends up sacrificing his life to save Clem and the rest of the group. He is a person who in everyday life people would tend to look down on, but ends up as being one of the wisest and most heroic characters in the game.

    Also, I dug his guitar playing.
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