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What platform should I get this on?

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I've been falling out of love with TTG since The Devil's Playhouse. I didn't like what I saw/played of BTTF and JP, plus zombies and comic books aren't my thing, so I was planning on passing on TWD.

After a near-constant stream of hearing nice things (tm) about it, I've finally cracked. I am going to play The Walking Dead.

Problem is, since my last Telltale purchase, I've bought a PS3 and an iPad 2. So the question arises: should I get TWD for good old PC, iOS or Playstation? Are there any big differences in gameplay, performance or price?

(For example, Wallace and Gromit, Monkey Island and Devil's Playhouse were clearly made with a gamepad in mind and might even play better on a console than with a mouse/keyboard.)
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  • pluizig;704760 said:
    Thanks for the responses. I got it on PS3 yesterday (because I don't have a PC gamepad) and having a blast with it. Played through episode 1 yesterday and episode 2 today. Good show, Telltale!

    Now my main concern is whether to play episodes 3 and 4 right away and wait what will seem like forever for ep5, or savor the experience and only play one episode every weekend...
    I see that you have the ps3 version and from Europe. A word of warning, episode 4 has a bug that can wipe all your saves!
    The PSN US has received a 1.03 patch for this,PSN Europe hasn't.
    Maybe waiting to play episode 4,until the patch is out, is a good idea.
    By the time PSN EU releases the patch episode 5 could be ready!
  • the console/device you like more. Its not a next gen game nor needs high end rigs to run so perfomance/graphic wise is pretty much the same in all the ports.
  • Not IoS.

    Unless you enjoy recieving episodes a month late :D
  • Don't bother getting it for PC. Especially if you have Windows 8 because it is unplayable and your saves will delete all the time. Get it for a console.
  • If you have a PC that can run it, wait a few weeks because it will probably go on sale here soon for the steam summer sale.
  • In my opinion, for someone who owns every single device listed below:

    PC > XBOX360 > PS3 > IOS
  • Get it for the 360

    Of course, I'm 10000% biased.....
  • PC all the way. Consoles sux but if you must make console I rather go xbox. PS3 is horribly outdated and usually has the worrst graphics. not talking about phones because they are just shit in terms of games.
  • I prefer IOS, I play this on my iPhone5, the game is easy enough to be played on mobile devices, its portable,.. There is no need for a keyboard or controller for this game.

    Also the graphics are almost the same, doesn't matter that much as it's all cell-shaded style..
    But I don't have a console 'cause I hate console gaming, I don't have a pc, more into mac stuff. And I don't use my mac's to game on, so actually iPhone is the only solution for me.

    Just look up some reviews about the different versions. It's all personal
  • It doesn't matter all platforms have serious performance / save issues and game-breaking glitches
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