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Lilly vs Carley....who is more attractive?

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This is it, this is what all your lives have been leading up to. The safety of the world hinges on your decision.

Destiny awaits......Lillys hotter.
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  • Just an observation about Lilly's body count. I've never actually seen her kill a walker though, so even just Carley/Doug would put her over the top. Not saying she was a lunatic either.
  • All those wacknuts that think crazy is hot, deserve what they get.
  • Cyreen;750161 said:
    All those wacknuts that think crazy is hot, deserve what they get.
    Crazy in the head= Crazy in the bed
  • Yertos;750163 said:
    Crazy in the head= Crazy in the bed
    Is that before or after you fall asleep? Two words - Lorena Bobbit.
  • Cyreen wins.

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    Lilly was more attractive
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    But Ben is hotter :D
  • The one that is not an animated character.

    Oh wait...

    Larry then.
  • dubesor;661443 said:
    Carley is hot.

    Lilly was OK attractive-wise.
    She wasn't ugly but not particular hot. And her attitude was really unsexy alltogether.

    Carley seemed to be more personal to Lee. Looked much hotter. And wasn't bitching 24/7 unlike Lilly.

    As for Christa.. well she looks like a manly dike. Not attractive at all.
    I think you mean "dyke". And is it because of her jawline structure? I find it pretty weird.
  • I say Carley.

    Lilly wasn't too um, attractive, from a straight girl's perspective. Of course, had she not been fighting for her life, she'd probably be really pretty. I know I wouldn't look too great if you put me in her shoes.

    Carley was gorgeous, especially for, again, being in the apocalypse. She was beautiful in that "cute" kind of way, you know? I keep wondering how she managed to look so good in the midst of blowing zombie brains out.

    (Now Travis, he was pretty hot...)
    Then again, I'm not attracted to girls so I don't know if my vote counts.
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