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Whose death made you so emotional?

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A lot of the characters have died already, but Carley's death just broke my damn heart!
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  • I'm curious:

    Everyone who picked Doug/Carley is talking about when they got shot by Lilly right?

    Because technically, Doug/Carley got killed twice. The first death being the death of the one you didn't pick.
  • Totally shouldn't have included Carley in the poll. To too many players Carley was the closest thing that they'd ever had to a girlfriend. The boards were overflowing with irrational "bring her back to life", "give us the chance to save her" and who could forget the ever so pathetic "maybe she survived the shot".

    Duck had to be the worst for me. Katjaa was bad but I can't hold all sympathy for someone who kills themself, especially if it's the only way to make Kennys unbelievably horrific day even worse. I never had a reason to dislike Duck, he got on well with Clem, he thought I was awesome, it's sad to see that his death was at the hands of full-grown men. Those being the bandits and Ben (who technically isn't full-grown). His parents had to experience suffering through a much slower deterioration than most people should have to witness. And yet they tried every desperate thing that they could.

    I felt Kenny had lost some marbles with the way he behaved during Ep.2 but he didn't deserve any pain as close to that.
  • Going the non mainstream emotion of shock or sadness and going with anger/frustration.
    The obvious choice that comes to mind is the St John brothers. Man when I was punching andy in the face over and over again, I could just feel lee's anger and my anger rising, letting out all our frustrations at how this had turned out. And oh the storm just made it so much better. It took all of my will power to leave those two alive.
  • I think it all depends on what you can relate to...

    Episode 4...I know he was dead already, but digging up the dog was very uncomfortable for me. I really, really hoped I didn't have to do anything else to get the collar I looked away a lot. I lost my 14 year old dog this year, so that was very sad for me. I was even angry that they didn't bury the dog..
    Then you go in the house and see how close this family was to their dog, the boy's love for his dog made me think of my love for my dog.
    Seeing the boy was very horrible. When you learn about Crawford, I honestly assumed the parents left him for that place. I know thats not necessarily the case you don't really learn what happened to the parents...but that's what I felt so I got angry. I thought the parents left the boy with the dog. The boy ran out of food, the dog died so the boy did his best to bury the dog...I mean, the hole really wasn't all that deep. It made me think the kid must have done it.

    What made me bawl like a baby was learning why you don't bury the bury the boy with the dog. And with each time you put more dirt on their bodies, the more emotional I got. I kept looking at the bodies, and it made me miss my dog so much. Because those two were best buds you knew that, and now they were together again.
  • Totally Carely's death, she made me cry and I barely find my self crying at things cuz I'm not usually an emotional person although I am a girl.
  • Willzy123;709147 said:
    Why isn't mark on here?
    Because he was food that doesnt count
  • Definitely Mark and Ben's deaths.

    With Mark, I was in a state of trauma for about two months xD It was all I could talk about, and every time someone mentioned "cannibal" (which is a lot in my college) I would put my hands over my ears and go "Ahhh, cannibals :("

    And with Ben... my heart died. I was really, REALLY sad, then I was just... empty. I cried a lot.
  • FollowLilly;701689 said:
    Chet lives if you leave during the day
    there hasnt been a single banjo seen yet in the series, so dont know where thats from
    Chuck plays the banjo.
  • Andy, if you just left him there, actually kinda hit home. I mean, we just killed his entire family and ruined his home, stripped away everything he owned and mashed his face up to boot. I've never seen a man so broken.
  • I blubbered and cried a little when Carley and Lilly went out at the same time (I left her on the side of the road since she had lost her sanity). Those two are/were my favorite characters, and losing them both at once was tough.

    I did the same when Ben died. Poor kid, even though I hated him at first, I grew attached to him.
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