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Best moment so far?

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Were four episode's in so I was wondering what your best moment in game was so far, like the one's that made you jump, shout WTF, or just was not what you were expecting.

For me the big one was the Duck kill screen if kenny kicks you out of the train cabin and you see Clem's hat and Ben layed on the floor, I was like ???
and then saw Duck shamble towards me.

Other's were when Lilly said "get Clem and come with me" and I shouted "OK" only to be left in a tail of dust and in ep 4 when I opened the underground bunker door expecting trouble and the cancer surviver group where just going about their buisness and looked over to me.
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  • Oomi;704256 said:
    Duck Grayson & Lee Wayne was probably my favorite moment thus far.
    Telltale is cruel. The kid finally made me like him, then I ended up putting him out of his misery an hour later.
  • Brawling with Andy in Episode 2 was awesome.

    The entire sequence from when you have to convince (or fight) Kenny to get him to stop the train, all the way to shooting Duck was the most emotional part of all four episodes for me.

    After telling Clem we were getting a boat, and pinning all my hopes on it, my jaw dropped in shock when Kenny and I arrived at the waterfront. I truly thought there would be one there. Likewise, Clem finding the boat in the shed was completely awesome.

    Lee's fight in the bell tower. He was just such a badass.
  • Most shocking moment has to be when Lilly shot Carely. I didn't even notice her reaching for her gun and its one of the few times a game really shocked me.

    Best moments are giving Duck a high-five and finding the boat in ep 4. I just love seeing Kenny's face and the whiskey bottle rolling away. That moment is when Kenny realised there is still hope.
  • BlackPaladin;704302 said:
    "Duck thinks you are incredibly awesome." :D

    That and lee + clem bonding moments. Clem is so adorably funny.
    trd84;704382 said:
    Telltale is cruel. The kid finally made me like him, then I ended up putting him out of his misery an hour later.
    sparkzfly;704207 said:
    The most shocking moment was definitley Carley's/Doug's death - just did not see that coming. Especially due to the romance indication between Lee & Carley and the 'Carley will remember that' near the end.

    Saddest was Duck's, I really liked him, and seeing him just breathing out on the tree :(

    And whenever Clem licks salt/puts bugs on pillows makes me laugh so much :D
    Demonseed;704260 said:
    I think Lilly killing Carly and the dream where Clem turns into a walker while you are sleeping in the RV after finding out Duck was bitten. Both were great shockers!!
    These are all incredibly awsome, and zombie Clem dream really made me jump so I didn't fight her off to see what happened and then Lee woke up :eek:
  • The most important moment and the one that requires a very quick, instinctive choice was Kenny & The Saltlick Vs Larry's Head. That was the Group Breaker and the moment I started thinking "Fuck this group"
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    when clem find the boat. kenny saw that scene then drop the bottle and He Laughed.
  • One of my favorite moments in this game so far, was when Lee asks Kenny for help(if you sided with him in every argument and helped him in every episode.)he says,

    "You've always been there for me, Lee. Always had my back when it mattered. What kind of friend would I be if I wasn't there for you now? Bitten or not, I'm with you to the end. You can count on me."
  • Most shocking/traumatizing was Ben and Mark's deaths.
    Scariest emotionally was the nightmare with Walker!Clementine, and Larry's head vs. Mr. Saltlick.

    And the best was probably all Duck!Lee bonding moments, and when Clementine found the boat. And really, all Omid scenes.
    And all the bonding scenes between any characters.

    But the most heart-wrenching and ruining apart from other characters deaths would need to be Lee's death.

    Just because... that was the moment when I looked at the screen and thought "It's all over. There's nothing else to play. It's over. The journey is over." and that was the worst part for me.

    Reality just seemed to crash around me. I would never sit on the edge of my seat biting my nails as I watch Lee fighting a horde of zombies, I would never hear Ben's trembling voice again, I would never see Kenny's moustache...

    Then they announced Season 2.

    Then all was well :'D
  • Lee's face when Christa asks who likes American History other than old white guys
  • When Kenny gave me the bro speech, it made me want to hug him xD
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