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Past characters in season 2: yes or no?

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Since, it's pretty much confirmed that Clementine will appear in s2, what other characters would you want to appear, even if it's just a cameo?
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  • Lilly. Now that Kirkman just abandoned the game and changed her in Road to Woodbury, everyone thinks they're not the same person, so I'm guessing that's an opportunity for them to bring her back.
  • I would like Christa, Omid and Clementine to appear in the first two episodes maximum, then leave the group to live on a farm in the countryside and Molly to be a main character (not playable though, I think her saving Christa and Omid in Savannah and helping them get out of the city would be a cool way to fit her in). I think a new character should be the playable one though.

    Edit: I would hate for Lilly to come back now, there is no way Clementine would accept her back anyway. And I would prefer that Telltale remain ambiguous as to whether she is the same Lilly in the comics. I still like to think she is.

    Edit again: And I think it would be ridiculous for Kenny to come back now after the sacrifice he made. Either way he was corned by zombies with no bullets so he is fucked. And I would only like Vernon and the group back just to see them be killed.
  • Christ and Omid, cause they're awesome people who were there for Lee when he was bitten. Kenny, because he was my best friend in Season 1 and I hope he made it out ok (although I doubt it). And Vernon and the Invalids because you can never have enough target practice.
  • I... don't want Molly to reappear in season two.. i mean, not even more than half an episode. I really like her, im one of those overly attached Molly fans, but i think her story is pretty much done for... Would be nice to know what happened to her, anyway...
    also... Déjà vu: I had a dream where I saw what happened to Molly even before i knew about the game... and even before i started to read the comics... I even remember a field just like the one in the ending cutscene... scary lol
  • Christa and Omid. Lilly would be a big reason for me to buy season 2.
  • I think Molly and Lilly should make brief appearances so we can learn what happened to them, but not be major characters.

    As for Christa and Omid, if it was possible, I'd love to control them for a tiny portion of the game, but control some completely new characters for the remainder of the game.
  • I voted everyone except Lilly. I don't care if Robert Kirkman(and Joe Bonansinga) changed her in the Road to Woodbury, her fate is learned in the comics. These are my hopes, anyway.

    I want to know if Omid and Christa survived, if they made it to the countryside, if they found Clementine, and etc.

    I want to know what on earth happened to Molly.

    I want to hunt down and make Vernon and co. wish the cancer got them.

    I want to know what happened to Kenny, to appear either as a brief cameo or a walker. We can debate forever on this but the fact remains that there is no proof he died or lived, so there is always hope.
  • for vernon and co. i want the new guy to have binoculars and is looking into the ocean and see the boat with zombies thats the crew
  • I hope they show a little scene of Vernon and his group stranded in the middle of the ocean xD oh God, I'm horrible ._.

    I'm sure Clem, Omid and Christa will be there. Molly will probably show up and save them again. Kenny... well I hope he's still alive D:
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