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The St. Johns Shot Mark (SPOILERS)

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When Lee and Mark were checking out the perimeter, they find a walker that has been shot with a white arrow. Lee notes that it was most likely used by the St. Johns.

Two minutes later, Mark is shot from further up the fence by a white arrow.

Then the bandits start shooting at them, but they're using red arrows.

So is it possible that the St. Johns shot Mark?

Does anyone else think this theory is plausible?

If so, this'll make me even more pissed at the St. John brothers. I still kind of liked Andy, but Mark was one of my favourite characters, and if they shot him... *cracks knuckles*
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  • maybe but unlikely still possible though the only crossbow i seen him use is the one he took
  • Wasn't this stated on the TvTropes page for The Walking Dead?

    At best it's only theory.
  • Not plausible at all.
    1. The bandits seemed pretty pissed, and if they saw the St. Johns, they probably would have killed them too, which makes it an unnecessary risk.
    2. The St. Johns wanted to eat Mark, and the meat goes bad if they die first. Shooting at him with an arrow is a big risk, since they might have killed him before being able to carve him up for meat. They didn't need him to be injured in order to take him aside and start carving him up. It made a convenient excuse, but it wasn't necessary, which would make shooting him an unnecessary risk.
    3. The St. Johns turned on the electric fence, which meant that if one of them was outside of it, they would have to run back to one of the entrances with: an unknown number of zombies outside (the whole reason they have the fence working in the first place); an unknown number of bandits outside; and while running the risk of being seen by Mark and Lee. Again, more unnecessary risk.

    There is no reason why they would have done such a thing. It makes no sense and it far, far too risky.
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