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Episode 3 "Generate story decisions for skipped episodes" message

posted by Dove_From_Above on - last edited - Viewed by 928 users
Hello all,

I have played all the way through episodes 1 and 2 (and watched the credits all the way through) and when I try and play episode 3 it says "Generate story decisions for skipped episodes?" For me, one of the biggiest features of the game was being able to influence the story through the decisions you make and clearly it isn't the same game if that doesn't work. I bought it on my phone to make my lunch breaks fun and they are really starting to drag now I can't continue! Please can anyone help with this issue?

If this problem isn't sorted I want a refund because I'm paying £10.49 for a game that doesn't even work.

Thank you in advance.
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  • Yep. I can't get episode 5 to work and now their solution is to start episode 5 in a new slot with generated answers. Well what the heck? What is the point if I don't even know how I answered and how I influenced the game!?
  • I encountered the same problem!!
    I just couldn't continue episode 3!
    There is no point for me to accept a new game with decisions randomly generated as the main feature of the game is my decisions matter!
    I urge the developer to release an update as soon as possible or provide me a refund!
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