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How to get a refund for a purchased pc version of The Walking Dead ??

posted by Sick Daddy on - last edited - Viewed by 306 users
How do you go about getting a refund for a purchased copy of THE WALKING DEAD for a pc after it's been opened and you learn that the game is extremely hard to install, due to your dvd/cd spinning as fast as possible for a very, very long time. You have broke a little boy's heart ( My Son's ) for selling a game you knew was flawed, because he bought it for me with his own money as a Christmas present and it doesn't work right in the least bit.
I understand that stores won't take the game back after it's purchased, but why should my son and I have to keep a defective product that I have read many, many other complaints about and have also noticed that they say you give no support and really don't care. I would have to agree with them about that and I only want a means to be able for my son to get a refund for this DEFECTIVE game of your's.
I have read how Apple refunds the customers who are not able to play your game, so why should I not also be able to see that my son get's a refund. I only hope you have a page on facebook, so I can let many others know about the poor quality of what you sell.
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