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The Newly Regenerated Doctor Who Thread

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So, Christmas is approaching, and with it a brand new Doctor who episode, and seeing as it's no longer series 5, I thought it would be time for a new, more generalised Doctor who thread!

For those who are new to the series, It features a humanoid Alien (timelord) called the Doctor, who travels in time and space in the TARDIS. He's the last of his race, and when he dies, he regenerates into a new person (up to 13 times). So far he has done so 11 times, with the current, 11th doctor being Matt Smith.

To kick things off, here's a trailer for the new Doctor who ipod/iphone/ipad/android game: The mazes of time!
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  • Ah, but [Spoiler]she's technically three people now.[/Spoiler] Rory's the same person who keeps dying over and over, but it never seems to stick because even the Grim Reaper is afraid of Rory Pond Williams.
  • Darth Marsden;752394 said:
    Ah, but [Spoiler]she's technically three people now.[/Spoiler]
    As far as we know anyway.
  • You haven't wasted my time at all - you've actually brought up a very valid point.

    It is worth noting that Donna is perfectly normal until The Stolen Earth. Before that she was one of the best companions in Nu-Who.
  • Does this even really count as a spoiler, given it's in the freakin' title sequence?

    ...but yeah, I liked it too.
  • I take it nobody else witnessed the BIG "Doctor Who" Christmas day event?

    Yes, on Radio 2 Paul O'Grady played "I Want To Spend My Christmas With a Dalek". Rush to the iPlayer now!

    (In other news:

    1) Strax is great. Let's keep him
    2) New "Radio Times" is out today. Radio 4 Extra are about to broadcast a new series of 8th Doctor adventures (well, new to those of us that didn't buy them a couple of years ago, anyway)
  • For those of you with satellite TV - all the classic repeats wot we ought to get on proper telly
  • Idk if its been said but Clara is named after Elizabeth Sladen "Elisabeth Clara Heath-Sladen".
  • I don't know if naming a companion who [Spoiler]dies every time we see her[/Spoiler] is the best tribute...

    It's a nice touch either way.
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