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The Last Item You Purchased?

posted by Hayden on - last edited - Viewed by 79.1K users
What was it? Whether it was a packet of chips, a video game, a CD, a magazine, a gun, a flower, a yacht or an island, post it here.

My most recent purchase was a CD - Dream Theater's "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence".
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  • Three Movies from Rifftrax:

    Reefer Madness Live
    House on Haunted Hill Live
    Plan Nine From Outer Space Live.

    Also, bought the movie "8 Mile" off of iTunes. Eminem is like the best rapper I've ever heard.
  • Something from Steam. Probably the Tomb Raider collection.

  • I bought TR 1-6 on their own and saved 5 cents. :p

    And 3 CDs for myself on christmas from Amanda palmers online store.

    (Amanda Palmer - Theatre Is Evil)


    (Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits Of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele )
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I bought Hydro Thunder Hurricane for XBLA when it was in stores. The original Hydro Thunder was a favorite of mine in arcades, and Hydro Thunder on the PlayStation got me through the grief of my dad's death (much to the anger of the family on my dad's side, who thought it wrong that I play games while the family is working on getting things ready for the wake (my dad's family is 100% Irish Catholic and very religious), so a traditional Irish Catholic wake means a lot to them). They don't seem to understand that everyone grieves in their own way.

    Unpleasantness aside, I do like the Hydro Thunder series, and the new one is really fun too (and you can't go wrong with it being only $5 when it was on sale). :D
  • [CENTER]image

    Best. Film. Critic. Ever.

    His reviews and books always reflect a true passion for film, whilst also being an absolutely hilarious riot of fully justified anger aimed at modern Hollywood.

    His latest book has a wonderful rant chapter on Mark's current arch-nemesis; 3D movies. As usual, he's spot-on.[/CENTER]
  • Finally jumped on the Bandwagon and bought the Walking Dead off of Steam, along with the "Arkham" series.
  • StrongBrush1;752539 said:
    Finally jumped on the Bandwagon and bought the Walking Dead off of Steam, along with the "Arkham" series.
    The Arkham series is great!
  • Picked up a Visa gift card for someone.
  • The Book of Unwritten Tales (Digital Deluxe Edition). Finally found it cheap enough to justify.
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