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I just recently picked up the Walking Dead Collectors edition for PS3 and I can't seem to download the patch for 1.01. It says "Features Revised in Version 1.01 Fixes for episode 5". I tried downloading the software but shortly after it would show "An error occurred during the install operation. (80710092)". I've already reset my router and ps3(left it off for 2 mins) and turned it back on but still nothing changed. I also called Sony PS3 for support but they said that everything looks fine on my PS3 all connections are good...they then told me to contact you guys. Please let me know what I can do i'm dying to play this game already...

thanks in advance... Happy Holidays!


-PS - Would it be safe to start episdoes 1-4 without episode 5? Seeing as episode 5 is the one that needs patching up.. thanks again.


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    Have you had any luck with this? I am experiencing the same problem
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    Hey Tdog, sorry no... Still waiting on one of the tech guys to help out...I guess we're on the same boat haha..
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    I too am having the same problem. I've finally gotten it to start downloading but at a rate of about 1megabyte per hour!!!! It says the 15mb update is gonna take between 250-360minutes. I know its not my router or ps3 because i did a speedtest and am getting 15mbs download and have no problem streaming netflix or hulu on my ps3. I'm guessing their servers are full or something. I wrote an email to support but have yet to hear back. Hopefully soon.
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    you can still play the game without the update. The problem with that though is that the playstation automatically signs you out of the network. The game still saves in the drive. The minus is there's no trophy support.
    I've been having the same problem with my disc copy as well and that's seems to be my only way around it.
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    I received this as a gift and for the past three days I have tried everything. From speaking with Playstation changing all the settings on my router to speaking with GameStop only to be told they would give me trade in value price of eleven dollars.

    This is horrible Xbox users a going through the same thing with the discs and for a company not to fix the situation is wrong. I have had so many problems that I cannot even update the Playstation store now. If anyone has any good news I would like to here how it was solved. I think everyone on this forum who is having the same issue should rally together and start a petition. That way we can be compensated for our losses.

    Shame on you Tell Tale!!!!
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    I fixed the problem thanks to the first poster on this site :

    Basically do this:

    Go to Settings on the XMB, select Network Settings and hit Internet Connection Settings

    Click OK, then under 'Select a setting method', select Custom

    Choose the type of connection you use.

    For Wireless you will then enter the required information for connecting to the WLAN (Network Name and security)

    For Wired, we have 'Select the operation mode of the network device.' hit Auto-Detect

    Now for 'IP Address Setting,' hit Automatic

    For 'Set the DHCP host name,' select Do Not Set

    Under DNS Setting, hit Manual

    Enter the DNS Server addresses for the DNS server of your choice. It must be exact to connect properly
    I used and

    Hit Automatic for MTU

    Hit Do Not Use for Proxy Server

    Have UPnP enabled

    Hit X to save network settings.

    and Done
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    This actually worked, the download was very fast!... Now after so many weeks I can finally play this game! thanks so much implantor!
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