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"SHHIIIIIT" moments that made you Shit your pants

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so the "I JUST SHIT MYSELF!" moments with Chariots of fire playing. LOLZ
personally it was the clementine zombified moment
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  • i think seeing how realistic the fights were with zombies was a major shit my pants moment.
    (i assumed this was a cheap 5 dollar game when i first bought it and had no prior knowledge of the walking dead) I mean I was like Holy shit hand me that fucking Hammer the first time i played. But definitely Lee getting bit. (i checked the trash first cause i wasnt ready to advance through the story just yet :(
  • The Clementine zombie part was even worse for me and my friend Charlie.

    Our computer crashed halfway through the video (I think it was around two minutes before the Clem-Walker part) and we skipped to a random part for a second to see where we were. We skipped STRAIGHT to the Clementine zombie part, and my reaction was to pause it quickly, scream "OH, SHIT!" and collapse sideways on the bed while Charlie froze.

    Then we rewound it pretty much frozen and dreading the next part, then when we realized it was only a dream, we were so relieved we couldn't say anything more than "Oh my God" and "Phew!" for the next minute or so xD
  • Danny with his gun to my face.
  • The Clem zombie dream and Lee getting bit.
  • I think Larry's had being smashed in by Larry suddenly (siding with Lily) was the first "oh snap!" moment for me.

    The Clementine nightmare was the first "scare" that got me.

    The animal crackers zombie got me too.

    Clementine's radio at the end of Ep 3 was a "WHAT THE FU?" moment.

    Lee's death sentence in Ep 4 was a big "no... no... ahhhhhhh........ fuuuuu......."
  • AnnaSan;752299 said:
    Danny with his gun to my face.

    Also, when the salt lick hit Larry's head while I was reviving him was very unpredictable, and I was slightly shocked to be honest.
  • When the walkers busted trough the door and it fell on Lee in Episode 3. That part.
  • AnnaSan;752299 said:
    Danny with his gun to my face.
    This. I nearly pissed myself.
  • There are two moments that made me jump.

    The first was the zombie trapped in the car by the train. If your first encounter with that zombie is with Lee exiting the right door from the train cab, the zombie screams out of nowhere and startles Lee. It can have the same effect on the player. ;)

    It isn't quite as scary if Lee comes around the front of the train and finds that zombie.

    The second was Lee's dream where Clem turns into zombie.

    While it didn't make me jump, the scene in the St. John barn where Lee opens the stall door to see Dan standing there with a rifle pointing at you was also an "Oh shit!" moment.
  • I forgot one that really did scare me a bit, when the stalker stares you trough the fence in Episode 4.
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