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Telltale Games epic Xmas fail!

posted by Jayton on - last edited - Viewed by 372 users
Just got this as a gift this morning (disc version). I installed the patch. Very glitchy. All action scenes are unplayable. Even small action scenes like when he kicks the police car window would freeze for a few seconds. I am using a 4gb Xbox. But somehow I was able to download the first episode arcade version from Xbox live and it worked until I died and then it just froze completely.
Telltale Games epic Christmas fail!
You made Santa mad and Baby Jesus cry! :(:(
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  • This problem only seems to be happening on the 4gb xboxes. Hope it gets fixed soon.
  • It's happening to me too! I got really stuck in Clem's house. I got stuck right after you hit your head in the kitchen while fighting that zombie. It's really really hard to play when you can't know what you are doing.
  • i bought the game for myself as my xmas present the week it came out then tried to take it back after it wouldn't work, those fool's at target told me they won't give me my money back or let me exchange it for a different game but instead i had to go get another copy of the walking dead. why in the hell would i get another copy of a game that doesn't even work lol
  • You know the worst part about all this is that no major gaming news outlet will pick up this story. They're too busy handing out awards to Telltale games and can't rationalize saying something bad about the publisher they're claiming to be the best this past year.

    Those same gaming news outlets were quick to decry other publishers for releasing garbage, but Telltale is their poster child for what is "right" this year so they can't say bad things about them.

    I feel bad for anyone that I've recommended this game to - it's a 50/50 split between good experiences and people getting unplayable games or corrupted saved slots.
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