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Madisun's Arc - Reviews By Darth Marsden

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Hey guys. This is a list of all the videos I've made for my review series, Madisun's Arc. They do get better as I go along, honest! I primarily upload these to Blip, since that lets you preload the videos and, if you use AdBlocker, there's no adverts, but most of the videos also have YouTube mirrors for those who can't use Blip.

Anyway, enough rambling.

There was a great big list of all my videos here, but then - surprise surprise - the new site came along and turned all the YouTube links into actual videos. Around 30 of them.

I spent around 20 minutes trying to change them all over to the new link format, only for it to straight up not work. So now you just get the one link, to my Blip channel -

Screw this site. Screw it with a rusty freakin' chainsaw.
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  • Uh... you know my username means I actually like some of the films, right?
  • I didn't like the original version of my Demons review. So let's try it again.
  • So, um, it's awful, even by MY standards, but here's a little video I made about the A-Team.

    I'll just copy-paste what I put in the description for the video, since it's actually kind of important. Ish.
    OK, this one has a bit of backstory to it.

    When I say this wasn't the video I wanted to do, I meant it. I was about halfway through writing the script for my next proper review when I was hit with a MASSIVE bout of depression that had been building up for quite some time.

    As a result, I pretty much put this whole 'video editing' thing on hold until I managed to recover from it, and part of that process involved me making this video, where I talk about something I really liked.

    The problem was, though I was pretty much recovered from the depression, I found it rather hard to actually get back into doing these reviews - specifically, the editing process, which is easily the most boring and tedious part of these videos.

    So this video, along with the next one, were scripted and shot, but not put together, and they remained on my hard drive for ages until I finally started getting back into the swing of things.

    I'm actually really getting back into things now, and part of that is to clear my 'backlog', so to speak. And this is part of that process. I know the audio sucks and the new angle is really awful, especially with that window uncovered allowing the sun to completely ruin the image, but I still feel that this has a place. Somewhere. Probably the bin, to be honest, but hey ho, it's a video. Enjoy. Or don't. Meh.
  • Hey, new video! Woo!

    This is another one I shot the footage for ages ago but never got round to putting together. Actually, I only shot the live-action stuff. Some of it at a completely different date (you'll know which bits). I had to actually do the voice-over audio last week, since I never actually did it first time round.

    Anyway. Here's Paycheck. Enjoy!

    - Blip version
    - YouTube version
  • 2 compliments from me:

    1. The audio levels of the voice overs and the live action stuff are finally on one level.
    2. You found a film with Ben Affleck that I would actually watch.
  • Thanks. :) Had to manually edit the audio levels one by one. Bleh.
  • You know there is a reason no reviewer on the net uses Youtube...
  • Odd, I can watch it. Must be in certain countries.

    Either way, I'd already edited the description to include a link to the version.
  • So I'd planned on doing a proper review , since it's been one whole year since I first started doing these things. Unfortunately, my computer's still in the repair shop, so bleh to that.

    Instead, I've done a commentary on my very first review. Enjoy.
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