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Will season 2 have more darkness?

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Perhaps in season 2 there will be rape,murder,necrophilia, and pedophilia cough Clem cough.
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  • More darkness? Yes, please! Pedophilia? No, you sick bastard!
  • There’s pedophilia in the comics. Remember the “Give Daddy a Kiss” scene between the Governor and that zombie kid?
  • And the guy who tried to rape Carl, but comics can get away with darker stuff. I can't see that being added to the game to the degree it was in the comic.
  • they can't do stuff like that in games... otherwise most countries would ban it.
  • goldi90;752912 said:
    More darkness? Yes, please! Pedophilia? No, you sick bastard!
  • No i mean it could be a theme but the pedophilia or rape would be off screen.
  • I know m8, just kiddin' ;D No offence :)
  • If you haven't noticed, the sequel is always darker than the succeeding installment.

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    Star Wars: EPisode V - The Empire Strikes Back
    The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

    All number 2.
  • Most likely, it will be, but I hope it never comes across as dark for the sake of being dark where it's not integrated too well into the characters or the situations. One of the my problems with the comics is that a lot of stuff is just thrown in randomly without much context or reason to advance the plot.

    I know it's the Walking Dead and that should be expected of it, but I always prefer violence, however dark, to be presented with an explanation that would make relative sense in the given circumstances. The first season did this amazingly well in my opinion. I liked how the villains were all really developed and you can almost still see some shreds of humanity despite their horrendous actions.

    I would never want to see a villain like the Governor from the comics. Yes, he's one sick guy, but the actions his character did seemed like they were just thrown in for the sake of making him sick without any good build up or transitional content. He goes about raping and torturing people randomly in the comics and that really messed up his character for me. Oberson himself, who never made an actual appearance (another thing I loved since it made for an interesting development for an antagonist), seemed to be much more developed within the context in the game.

    So I think Telltale will make the next one dark, but I hope there is always a good story and explanation that compliments it as well and we don't have a villain like the Governor just thrown in for violence sake. Telltale did great job with the antagonists and I hope they continue to go in that direction.
  • why do so many of you kids bring up the comic, obviously everyone has not read them, its getting pretty annoying
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