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Who Would make the greatest Walking Dead team?

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Yeah. It's a big list. There were MORE than 50.

Of all the characters in the Walking Dead universe, which would make the best group together? And don't say "everybody".
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  • Which is why I don't really vote on a lot of multiple choice polls....
  • lee, morgan, michonne and tdawg
  • I'll go with sweet pea, the dorky IT dude, the magical hobo, the walking liability, the trigger happy bitch and Lee. Most characters from the show and the comics are just unrealistic psychos.
  • Katjaa...wheres Kenny?Or I missed him. :P


    Missed him,apologies.

    I'll go with:Lee,Kenny,Katjaa,Clem,Michonne,Carley,Rick...and Chuck!
    I haven't read the comic or watched the TV show,so Michonne and Rick are just a guess from what Iv seen on the trailer and heard/read. :)
  • Here's how my group would go.

    Leaders: Lilly, Rick and Morgan
    Right hand (wo)men: Daryl, Chuck, Carl, and Andrea
    Support: Katjaa, Alice and Hershel (I forgot to put Alice up)
    Supply runners: Glenn and Carley
    Workers: Axel, Chuck, Doug, and Shawn
    Babysitter: Amy and Shawn
    Kids: Carl and Duck
  • I would have to say, it would be Me, Myself and I.... If you didn't know that would add up to me, Shane Walsh
  • TheShaneWalsh;753015 said:
    I would have to say, it would be Me, Myself and I.... If you didn't know that would add up to me, Shane Walsh
    *nods slowly*

  • Lee, Molly, Carley, Kenny and Christa would be the ideal group for me.

    Lee for the fighting skills.
    Molly for the parkour and being able to find things/get to places.
    Carley for her great aim.
    Kenny for... the... good... plans?
    Christa for the maturity and to keep our feet on the ground and think practical.
  • Assuming it's a ten person group with eight adults and two kids:

    Rick, Carl, Glenn, Michonne, Daryl, Lee, Kenny, Carly, Molly and Clem

    Leaders: Rick and Lee (obviously)
    Supply runs: Glenn, Molly and Kenny
    Combat experts: Michonne, Daryl and Carly
    Kids: Carl and Clem

    Despite the different backgrounds I could see Rick and Lee working together fairly well. The main team for supply runs would consist of Glenn, Molly and Kenny. Molly would be able to get just about anywhere, Glenn would do a good job of clearing a place out and Kenny could help as needed. I'll agree that Ken can be pretty hotheaded at times but I truly believe that he always has the best interests for the group in mind. For combat you've got Michonne with her katana and Daryl with his crossbow. In bad situations where the noise doesn't matter Carly would be able to snap off headshots and be second only to Rick in regards to that. Finally there's Carl and Clem. Despite being just children both can pull their own weight when called upon and would be far less of a burden than someone such as Duck.
  • Daryl muthafuckin Dixon, Hershel, Tyreese, Shane, Rick's family, Kenny's family, Lee and Clem.
    Kenny can work as a mechanic or as a guard, Hershel can fix up wounds. Daryl, Tyreese (and Shane) are the hitsquad, Lee and Rick make same kind of decisions, so that's two good leaders and then as support the families.
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