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Ben - Duck to the Extreme

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There was a time, when everyone that played "The Walking Dead" was annoyed by a certain called named Kenny Jr. Aka, Duck. But when the time came, nobody wanted to kill him, and everyone was actually sad for the one they hated most. So what happened when Duck was gone? People wanted somebody new to hate. Who did they choose? Ben of course. While Duck was just odd, annoying, and got Shawn killed, Ben indirectly caused a number of bad occasions to happen, and left Clementine alone. (Does this mean i'm against him? No. I'm completely Pro-Ben) But, there we were over the spiral staircase. Back to Duck. The one almost everybody hated, and they all got the chance to drop him. Some did, but he told them to let him go. Unlike Duck, we had a chance to save the guy. So doesn't it eerily take you back to deciding whether or not to finish off the one you avoided every chance you got?
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  • Actually, I still hated Duck when the time came to kill him, or at least disliked him. But I liked Kenny, therefore I couldn't make him murder his son.

    It's like asking your mom to kill Justin Bieber if you both knew it would kill her. WOULD YOU DO IT? It would solve a world-wide problem, but also kill your mom.

    *Cough* SO, getting back to the point, I'm saying that I really don't like Duck, but Ben is my favourite character.
  • Huh. I forgot about this thread...
  • HiggsBoson2142;753333 said:
    Huh. I forgot about this thread...
    Yeah, someone keeps necroing threads that are over a month old...
  • I never hated Duck.

    He was just a kid, and I thought he was funny during the investigation at the motor inn.
  • I liked Duck cause he was such a cute kid..I even cried a bit when he died -.-'
    And Ben was cool too..It was bantits' (?) fault that Duck got bitten.They we're about to attack anyway..So it really didn't matter,in my opinion.And Katjaa just killed herself-Not Ben's fault..Anywho,I liked Ben -.-
  • Anywho... I didn't exactly hate Duck, but I did kinda think the group's chances of survival were better if he were gone. Loud kid that was apparently oblivious to the world around him? I felt like he was dead weight the group shouldn't be lugging. Ironically, the one episode where he finally does actually try to help (in his own way, atleast) was his last.

    It's why I tended to be a bit more forgiving with Ben: he was atleast trying to contribute, he just sucked at it... the poor kid was a reverse King Midas, everything he touched turned to crap.
  • @Rommel

    Duck was Clem's age. How exactly was an 8 year old boy supposed to contribute?
  • Scaeva;753406 said:

    Duck was Clem's age. How exactly was an 8 year old boy supposed to contribute?
    Lugging stuff like water or tools, etc. any number of things. Even showing a desire to contribute would've been enough for me to have a better opinion of the kid. Clem was basically Duck's mirror opposite, quiet, thoughtful, and not only showed a desire to help but actually did.

    In pre-industrial soceities, the kids did contribute, or were preparing to do so. In a soceity where you can't even rely on millenia-old technologies and techniques like agriculture to provide food anymore, kids do have to step up. In some past soceities an eight-year old kid was already beginning their second year of military training.
  • It's because he got everyone's girl and bro killed (Carley / Doug). The fact that he was always so pissy didn't help either, I'd probably like him more if he wasn't always giving my lip.
  • The only people who hate Duck and Ben for being stupid kids are basically stupid kids themselves. Not everyone in a zombie apocalypse scenario is going to be Rambo. Under pressure, stress and grief you'd probably make the same mistakes Ben and Duck did.
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