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My Walking Dead Ending

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This is after the events with the walker horde, and nobody has died.

Lee, Kenny, Ben, Omid, and Christa walk along the Marsh House hallway. A bump comes from a nearby room. Kenny looks at Lee reassuringly, and the five walk into the room. The Stranger turns around and looks up at the five approaching people. "Well," he says shakily, "This is...a bit more than I expected..." "Where's Clementine you fucker!?" Kenny yells. "Kenny!" Christa clams him down. Lee walks forward to the man, "Please, just...if you have her. There's nothing we did. Can't you just take your anger out on something else--or them. Out there!"
"I, guess I overreacted a little bit." he walks into the kitchen, "Here...let me, make you some drinks..." The stranger tells the group about his family and the incident with the station wagon. Ben and Lee apologize as Kenny shrugs and looks out the window. "Holy shit..." Omid puts his hand on his head, "This is some heavy stuff..." "It is, isn't it?" the stranger smiles. Lee suddenly realizes what the man's doing, and lunges for him, blacking out.
Lee wakes up in the same room. "Alright!" the stranger says standing behind you, "Get up you bastard!" Lee turns around to see his four friends tied up. He freaks out and jumps up, only to be pulled down by his own rope tied to a sofa. "Now, I can tell these people are your friends, but some must have been, 'friendlier' than the others." He points a gun to Christa's head, then waves it around to the other's heads. "Wait!" Kenny yells, "We can work this out--" "You've got one choice, bud. Who goes?"
Depending on your choice, whoever you choose to be killed will be shot in the head. He then waves the gun around again, "Oh this is fun!" A crash comes from far away. "So, your next choice?" Lee again chooses somebody. Campman puts a gun to their head, and a walker lunges forward behind him, biting the stranger on the arm. Lee gets up with the other three and they run behind the stranger down the hallway, untying their hands.
You and the three people walk down an empty road. One of them, Christa if she's not dead, asks why you chose the one "person". You give an answer. Then the person you next chose yells at you for choosing them to die, attracting a horde around the block. They start walking towards your group. "Back in the hotel!" Lee yells. The four run back inside, finding the stranger running away from the group of walkers in the hall. Not looking, the stranger bumps into you. He looks at you desperately. "Please! Don't let them do this to me! I don't deserve this!" he looks at his bitten arm, "I'm just a little league coach!" He continues to plead as you get a choice.
Either Lee pushes him into the horde coming from behind and runs into a room with the group, or he grabs his hand and pulls him in with the others to the room. Whoever is with you will start panicking and arguing about how to get out. Something is knocked over in the next room. "W-what was that?" someone asks. If you bring the stranger, he will say, "Fuck...this is where I put her after..."
Lee opens the door as the others look on. There in the room stands Clementine, she turns around to face the group. Her eyes are pale, her cheek is torn, scratches cover her sides, and she's wheezing. She's become a walker. Lee drops down to his knees and looks at the slowly approaching girl. If you are friends with Kenny, he will put his hand on Lee's shoulder and take out his gun, putting the girl out of his misery. If Kenny is dead, Christa will take out the gun and do it. If she's dead, and Kenny is not your friend, Ben will do it.
Walkers start pounding at the door. Your group climbs out the window and makes their way across a telephone pole. Halfway through, it snaps, sending Lee and the group down onto the street. The herd sees you and shambles forward. Either Omid, Ben, or Kenny will panic. This is where your actions come into play.

If You Spared the Stranger and Saved Ben
Ben runs forward. "Ben!" Christa/Lee yells, "Get back here!" "I have to do this!" he says. Ben begins to attract the horde towards a wall as they start to claw at his jacket. He begins to cry, until the stranger knocks him out of the way. Kenny/Omid will pick Ben up. The stranger will nod to Lee and run into an alleyway.

If You Killed the Stranger and Saved Ben
Ben runs forward. "Ben!" Christa/Lee yells, "Get back here!" "I have to do this!" he says. Ben begins to attract the horde towards a wall as they start to claw at his jacket. He begins to cry, and runs into the alleyway. With the herd following him.

If You Killed/Spared the Stranger and Dropped Ben
The group will see the incoming horde, and Kenny/Omid sees something on the shoreline.

The remaining group goes to the shoreline, where they find a raft large enough to fit all of them inside. If nobody sacrificed themselves, the group will board the raft as Lee looks back at the herd of walkers. If Ben or the stranger did sacrifice themselves, the group will stay on the beach as Lee sits down at the stump of a tree.
"But, what's gonna happen to you?" Kenny/Omid/Ben say. "I'm gonna die." Lee replies. He takes out his gun and looks around. You can give the gun to anybody left.

If you give the gun to Kenny (Good relationship):
"Come on, man. You gotta do this."
"Friends protect each other. For better or worse!"

If you give the gun to Kenny (Bad relationship):
"Come on. You've hated my guts since day one."
"No. I take back anything I said."
"That doesn't change the fact that you should be the one to do it."

If you give the gun to Christa/Omid:
"I guess it's me..."
"You can do this. You're strong! You know that."
"I'm sorry (man). It's just, you're dying!"
"Heh. I know, you gonna stop it or what?"

If you give the gun to Ben:
"Ben, you've wanted to prove yourself. This is it."
"Be the hero."

If you give the gun to the Stranger:
"Oh...I don't need to do this anymore."
"Come on. I'm dying, you're dying. How about we both go out?"
"Well, sorry for anybody bad blood?"
"Sure, man."

The person will point the gun at your face and shoot. The remaining people will push you off the raft/board the raft and leave the continent. If you chose the stranger, he will (stay at Savannah) put the gun to his, head, and take himself out. The remaining people will look on into the horizon.

The remaining people will be:
Christa, Omid, and Ben
Christa, Omid, and the Stranger
Christa, Kenny, and Ben
Christa, Kenny, and the Stranger
Christa and Kenny
Omid, Kenny, and Ben
Omid, Kenny, and the Stranger
Omid and Christa
Omid and Kenny

I feel like I'd have Kenny and Christa. I'd choose Omid to die and would kill the Stranger, so Ben would sacrifice himself. Yes, it's depressing.
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  • It was interesting to read, but I think you have a bit too much time on your hands...
  • Willzy123;753082 said:
    It was interesting to read, but I think you have a bit too much time on your hands...
    This didn't take that long at all! It's just really long! Like speed reading, but with writing, or whatever it's called.
  • Wouldn't it make more sense for Lee to volunteer to having Campman shoot him?
  • dinofire;753203 said:
    Wouldn't it make more sense for Lee to volunteer to having Campman shoot him?
  • Interesting read, but there would be so much hate over killing Clementine, despite it being a better send off to the character than what we had. I also like how you have your choices affect the story, but not really the ending. So, if we get "DLC" we should get this, instead of an option to have Lee alive.
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