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How have save file glitches affected your experience?

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  • I played through all four episodes now I buy Episode 5 and sit down to finish what had been a great experience and my save file is gone! I truly wish I could get my money back for the whole thing because now in order for me to get the most out of this game I'll have to start over and HOPE it doesn't happen again. I am severely disappointed in you TellTale.
  • I just encountered the glitch starting ep 4 but managed to fix it. It seems like the choices are saved to a save slot regardless of whether or not there is even a save present. I started a ep 4 in a new slot with random choices then exited it before it auto saved and started another ep 4 in the same slot and it did not give me the option of using random choices and when it started it was the same ones as before.
    So I booted up my original save and went to ep 4 and it stArted up with my choices intact.
  • I never had a glitch or lagg in game or with the save file :)
  • My personal save file was fine but both my Brother's and My seccond game I was playing with my friend both got corrupted

    I wanted to show my friend the ending of walking dead as we almost finished episode 4 but we don't have enough time to fully replay it and neither of us can stand not saving Doug
  • Wow. I'm glad now that I encountered this glitch for episode 2, instead of making it all the way to 4 or 5. Still, definitely a game-ruiner. I mean, the MAIN IDEA of the game that your choices matter. They say it all the time, it pops up whenever you make a choice. Then to make something as simple as the previous decisions not carry over into the next game? And I just bought the game yesterday, so there is certainly no 'patch' out there. I'm no video game programmer, but I feel like it shouldn't be difficult to carry over a simple 'decisions' file from your save to the next episode. If only I had bought this on PC instead of Live, I could have just done Telltale's work for them.
    But I don't think this thread or my message will ever be read by Telltale. After all, if they cared about this issue they wouldn't have released all the episodes, and even come out with a disc version without bothering with any sort of fix. Or, you know, maybe responded to one of these many, many threads of the same problem. I call for a refund!
  • I decided to pick up the last 2 episodes because they are on sale, even though I knew it was a terrible idea because of how broken and unplayable episode 3 was. I threw caution into the wind and tried to load up my save file so I could continue my game, just for the game to not only delete my save but to make it so I can't even start episode 4 without being kicked back to episode 1.

    Does anyone know how I can get a refund for this scam of a game?
  • This is my first post on this forum - I only came here looking for a solution to the saves issues as I've lost mine twice.

    As there doesn't seem to be a solution, I think it's fair to say it's absolutely ruined the game for me.

    Sort it out, TTG, this is completely unacceptable.
  • Xbox360. Wife and I played four episodes through, making choices, becoming invested in the story. Started fifth episode, only to find the first episode introduction playing. Thought for a moment it might be some Clever Storytelling Device, re-living the key events or something, but once I saw the help text telling me to point to the rear-view window as if I were a new player, I knew something was wrong. Quit out of the game, went to see the save game, and sure enough it said I was on Episode 1. Apparently overwrote the game I'd put hours into. Went to start the game again, again choosing Episode 5, and it was willing to start me there but with NONE of my previous choices saved. Must be using some defaults or something -- different people were on the search, dialogue about different choices than I'd actually made. What a betrayal of the player -- to have a bug that's even CAPABLE of wiping out the one key thing that is is importance to the player: the player's choices so far. As the game itself (and its hype) repeatedly emphasize: it's about your choices, and how they affect the game. Went through Episode 5 cringing every time the game mentioned some choice that I had not in fact made. Just going through the motions, didn't care any more, the gamemakers didn't care about the players, and I no longer cared about their creation. Utter fail. I want a refund of my money, because you can't refund my time.
  • There is only one solution: after every episode just save your save files on a usb or extern hdd.
  • I got stuck in episode 3 but i checked on here and the fix was to download 4 and 5 (which i had already purchased but not installed) so minor annoyance of downloading the episodes in advance
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