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Molly was the one character where Telltale stumbled

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Overall I loved TWD and most of the characters in it. In fact I'd go so far as to say that The Walking Dead is one of the most memorable games I've ever played.

But I think Telltale stumbled a bit with Molly. The great thing about all the other characters in TWD is that they are entirely believable. They seem like real people just caught up in extraordinary circumstances. The one exception to that is Molly.

The ninja acrobatics and the ability to apparently vanish killed immersion a bit. They should have toned that down a bit and made her bad@ssery a bit more grounded in reality. No acrobatics that a real person couldn't pull off, no Houdini disappearing acts, and no using a claw hammer like a superhero grappling hook.
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  • I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the volume of awesomeness that Molly has.
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    Apparently you've never heard of parkour.
  • Parkour is like gymnastics, it is rehearsed.
  • Yeah, the developers said in a Playing Dead episode that they would have to use characters like Molly "sparingly." Molly was just a character that would open up to the players more.
  • I agree. She seemed really out of place.
  • A bit random too
  • To be fair, Molly did get attacked by the walkers in the Crawford school after Ben let the group of them in, and she couldn't fight them off alone.
  • who knows, maybe she was gymnist/acrobatics/stunt person Before all this happened. She never revealed what she did before all this. just sayin
  • I'm inclined to agree - the disappearing acts in particular seemed silly to me (great job covering my flank Kenny). Typically you should try to pick a skill-set and stick with it - high-flying acrobatics and stealth tend to be mutually exclusive except in action movies.

    It was one of the neat things about Lee, he earned his badassery by failing hard to begin with. The dude was a complete putz that sucked hard when we first got control of him in Episode 1... he fell down what, atleast half a dozen times in that episode alone? Hell, it was even lampshaded in Episode 5 "Okay Lee, now is not the time to fall on your face". He didn't really come into his own until Episode 4 in the bell tower.
  • Umm, that "disappearing" act is only used once, and it is very possible for her to have gotten the upper hand on Lee, considering the placement and perspective of the stand. She probably heard Lee talking, and might have developed a bit of precognition due to the Walkers.

    And so, she's in a little more in shape than the rest of the cast. That doesn't make her unrealistic, it just makes her an alternative.
    who knows, maybe she was gymnist/acrobatics/stunt person Before all this happened. She never revealed what she did before all this. just sayin

    Exactly. Not everyone in the zombie apocalypse is going to be just a "normal" person.
    Scaeva wrote: »
    Parkour is like gymnastics, it is rehearsed.

    Rehearsed is just another word for "practice."
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