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Do choices matter?

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I've been wondering this. And I'm convinced they do. But I only have 1 playthrough so far so I don't know the changes. Do you guys think they do,or if they're just a scam to get people interested.
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  • They don't really make a difference in the long haul, it really is something of an illusion, albeit a good one until a second run. Choose to save Shawn over Duck? Shawn dies anyway while Duck lives. Save Carley/Doug? The one you saved ends up getting shot by Lilly in Ep. 3 regardless. Choose not to go the Dairy? You get outvoted by the rest of the group and end up going anyway. Try to save Larry? He ends up getting salt-licked in any event. Cautious, alert Lees (i.e. those that check the garbage pile that's obviously hiding a Walker) end up getting the same fate as Lees which aren't as observant, etc.
  • Choices in this game no matter, you can't change a fate, as in the real life. But I think that choices related with Clementine educate - will really change herself in future.
  • They do change couple things,but in the end,when you finish the game,it doesn't change much..
  • they dont really change it they really add texture to the story
  • I played the first time choosing what I would do/say (theoretically) in the situations that Lee found himself in. Then I went back and chose what I thought would be better in retrospect except that sometimes these choices weren't any better or even significantly different in results than my original ones.

    However the person that I was and how others interacted with me did change depending on my choices. Just like in life you can't always choose some things but you can still choose the kind of person you are and how you treat others. Hmmm...
  • It changes the game by giving you the power and even if your actual actions and outcomes are the same as everyone else your experiences are different and you have the freedom to insult or punch someone even if it doesn't make a difference to the story
  • I think they change the game entirely.

    Personally, I think the problem is that different people play the game for different reasons.
  • They matter enough. People just gotta let this thing drop.
  • Personally I don't think they change enough. Hope for more variety and a bit branching for the next season.
  • It feels like any game with choices never really change much, no game has achieved that yet.
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