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  • Darth Marsden;753698 said:
    Ugh. They need a proper news page for stuff like this. Announcing it on the forum like that is not cool.
    Normally they do. Maybe they'll work it into today's holiday deal newspost.
  • Gibbeynator;753693 said:
    Hey, so... this one came out of nowhere. XIII is going to be delisted in TWO days. It's still half off, so grab it if you want it.
    Yeah, I'll pick that up for three bucks. It was something I strongly considered getting on GameCube at one point.
  • It's definitely a console port, but the slightly clunky controls aside, it's a cracker of a game.

    Shame it ends on a cliffhanger though. :(
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Ooh, I've been interested in XIII. Had no idea it was on GOG. So, it's a definite pick up for me (especially at $3).

    And, I caved in and bought the rest of the games that were in my shopping cart. So now I own all the Sierra games available on GOG.com (minus SWAT 3), the Little Big Adventure games, and all the Zork games (plus a bunch more adventures and Personal Nightmare). I don't normally spend on myself like this for Christmas sales, but I've been wanting to pick these games up for a while.
  • So, with the loss of XIII, that takes the number of games currently on GOG down to 494. Even with this loss, we're still really close to the mystical, magical 500th game, and it sounds like GOG has something big planned for it. I'm hoping for Pegasus Prime HD, but that's still in beta.
  • I nabbed it before it left, not knowing anything about it. But it was only $3 so what the heck. What can you tell me about this game?
  • It's a shooter in the Unreal Tournament engine with a quite unique look and said to be very good.
  • Final day of the GOG sale is upon us, and... it's a return of the End of the World sale, with all the bundles on sale at once.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Aaaaalll right gog, I'll at least buy Stacking for 50%. This better be good! ;)
  • Fuuuuuuu...

    Caved and bought a bundle I probably shouldn't have. Also, Shadow Warrior, which I'm ashamed I didn't already own and will now commit Sepuku to atone for.
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