Which episode had the "THICKEST" atmosphere

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I think episode 2 did.

The whole farm, and walking through the farm house during the storm just gave me texas chainsaw massacere vibes. Really heavy atmosphere that oozed. :)


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    Episode 2 definitely. With the whole approaching storm, and the "cabin in the woods" feel, I just couldn't shake away a horrible sense of urgency.
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    Just like some developers said, episode 2 was like a mini horror movie.
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    It was thrillingly terrifying and hauntingly, chillingly beautiful.
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    2 was the best episode of them all by far. My favorite part was when Brenda had Katja hostage on the stairs. With the thunder storm going on outside and the somber music playing in the background...very eery and nerve wracking.
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    2 and 5
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