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TT's King's Quest: R.I.P. (aka Really Improbable Project)

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I've heard that they have problems with the Activision's rights. Any TT official news or reference about the game (aside this forum thread) was deleted. They had a placeholder website similar to the Fable one, and it's not available anymore.
The last statement about it was "The genre doesn't need us anymore".
No official comments on the forum aside Mods, the last one being one year old.

Telltale's King's Quest R.I.P.?
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  • Heh... they're not working on it. We are, however, working on QFI.

  • I'll put it this way: If they DO make a King's Quest game, it'll be MUCH later than previously suggested, and it won't be in the same order as it was listed in that "five game announcement" from a long time ago. Not unless they've got some great lawyers.
  • magodesky wrote: »

    As for the comments that Telltale is too big for King's Quest now, I think that maybe the fans are letting all of the "Game of the Year" awards go to their heads. The success of The Walking Dead is certainly good for Telltale. But one success does not a video game giant make. And I doubt they'd take it as a sign that they should abandon the types of games that have gotten them this far. The way I see it, King's Quest is pretty much right in Telltale's wheelhouse.

    Yes this...
  • Well, I'm from the PSX generation, so I never played King's Quest and I don't have high stakes in this prject, but I won't believe it's been cancelled until TTG comes out and says so. In any case, we most likely won't hear anything official until after Fables is finished.

    In any case, I also want my free game. Because, why not :p?
  • Has anyone tried bugging anyone at Telltale for an update? I suppose they're mostly unreachable,.. but it seems worth a shot given the amount of speculation going on here endlessly.

    Given the somewhat-returned enthusiasm for the genre, it'd seem silly if someone didn't tackle bringing KQ back. It'd be an easy way to tap into all that old-school street cred... It does seem a bit out-of-the-mainstream for Telltale these days, but they could go really big with it.. the franchise always had that mainstream appeal going for it. Maybe more risky than whatever licenses they've got.

    I'd also be a little pissed that they let this forum stay up here for ages, where dozens of people comment regularly and their entire fan base can see it, if they're just going to throw out a "cancellation" press release... or worse, never say anything.

    And in the off-chance that they actually do release something, I'll take a free copy, BT.
  • This is the most recent update I've been able to find:
    Can you tell us anything about King’s Quest? You guys got the license and you’re doing something with it, but we haven’t heard too much about it.

    Yeah, you know, King’s Quest kind of came in with all of the other licenses at the same time. We’d already had the Universal stuff for a while and we were working on that, and then we signed King’s Quest around the same time as Walking Dead and Fables, and we’ve gone into production on both of those, and King’s Quest is one that we’ve been trying to figure out how to staff and get into production.

    Do you have a vision for it?

    That’s kind left for Dave Grossman and his group. We’ve certainly talked to a lot of people about it, but we really don’t have anything else to say about it right now.

    So they still had the license and were still planning on making a King's Quest game as of May of this year. Could that just be outdated information? Sure, I suppose. But I don't know that anything has drastically changed in the last seven months. If anything, Telltale is now in an even better position to make a new KQ game with the success of The Walking Dead.

    It kind of sounds to me like the game just wasn't very far into production while they focused their attention on more immediate projects like Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, and The Walking Dead. That would also be the reason for the lack of updates. Doesn't mean we won't start to hear more as production on KQ picks up.
  • Why would they license the game more than two years in advance then? And if something did drastically change do you really think they'd announce it? I don't.
  • Why would they license the game more than two years in advance then?

    Why wouldn't they? The fact is, in the world of video game development, two years is not that long. They got the license to Fables around the same time, and that's still in development too.
    And if something did drastically change do you really think they'd announce it? I don't.

    No, but there's no reason to think that things have changed in the last few months either. The only news regarding Telltale I've seen so far since that time is all of the glowing praise and Game of the Year awards that have been heaped upon them. It's hard for me to imagine the executives at Telltale looking at that and going, "OMG, look at all this money we're making. We'd better change our strategy because it's working so well."

    On the other hand, all we have to point to to suggest that something has changed is the fact that we haven't heard anything in a while. Which again, is hardly surprising, especially considering how Telltale's production schedules usually go.
  • you'll see.
    we'll see.
    you'll see.

    Well, I really hope to see something, someday... ;)
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