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Who is the hottest female in this game?

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Contrary to popular belief, this thread is not creepy at all.
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  • I don't know why but I have a girl crush on Christa. :rolleyes:
  • I wish this was a Multiple-Option poll. I liked Lilly (voted for her, I was surprised so many people voted for her), Beatrice and Carley. Katjaa wasn't "hot", she was pretty cute, though :)
    Also, who the hell voted for Clementine?
    Sammy;747139 said:
    Those were probably 7 year olds who played the game lol.
    Wrong. They're eight :D
    distortion;746425 said:
    I thought so too! Course, if her regular voice was as annoying as her "GO AWAY!" voice, I might have ended up shooting her anyway.
    On my first save file, I didn't really notice how ugly her voice was...
    dubesor;746541 said:
    Hot: Molly, Carley
    Good-looking: Beatrice, Anna, Irene
    Average: Christa, Lilly
    Ugly: Katjaa, Joyce, Brie, Jolene, Brenda

    Lilly should go in "Good-Looking", too, imo. Katjaa and Brie weren't that ugly, either.
  • ^They're not that big...
  • I honestly have no idea why people think Molly is so attractive.. IMO she's ugly as hell, and kinda chubby.
  • Nonomino;747709 said:
    I don't know why but I have a girl crush on Christa. :rolleyes:
    I do too. I'm just going to hide in my corner of shame, now.
  • katjaa shes a milf lol
  • Team brie all the way!
  • BDsprite;747001 said:
    I think I'm going to go with Tess being the hottest character in the game, I bet she gives great head. :p

    I'm sorry, that was probably in bad taste. I just can't resist cheesy puns.

    Seriously though, Carley...maybe Irene if she wasn't a sobbing wreck at death's door when you meet her.

    To the four of you who picked Clementine: "...You people are sick, sick in the head!"
    Really not. I just think she's soooo cute and adorable that I just had to vote for her, even if the topic says "who's the hottest girl in the game" I don't care
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