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What is the last thing you said to Clementine?

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I personally said "Don't be afraid." What about you?
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  • Noble wrote: »
    "Find Omid and Christa... they'll take care of you. Keep that hair short... I'll miss you."

    This actually, coz of the Omid and Christa part :'(
  • Find Omid and Christa... they'll take care of you... always keep moving. Don't be afraid.

    I was cuffed, she prevented me from becoming a Walker with a single bullet and because of that, I wasn't afraid. It was my final lesson.
  • keep moving and don't be afraid, i didn't want to say i would miss her because it would just be to sad, i wanted her to be brave not missing me
  • I'll miss you.
  • I remember picking responses that would be encouraging to her instead of the ones chewing over Lee's feelings.
  • I was wishing for this "I love you Clem, you were like the daughter I never had. I'll miss you."
  • The last thing I said to Clementine was "I'll miss you."
  • "Stay out of the cities...they just aren't worth the risk. Find Omid and Christa. They're probably looking for you right now..."

    I figured telling her to stay away from the big cities was most important, since many of the bad things that happened to the group happened near Macon or in Savannah. Telling her to find Omid and Christa was easy, since I told them to take care of her earlier and they were pretty much the only people anywhere near Clem that I trusted.
  • "Find Omid and Christa, Move around and I'll miss you"

    Wanted to tell her I loved her, that would have been somewhat more emotional. Still its the next best thing.

    I also told her to leave me. If she cared about Lee as much as I think, I couldn't have her be the one to shoot him. That would have destroyed her.
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