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Whose death made you so emotional?

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A lot of the characters have died already, but Carley's death just broke my damn heart!
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  • LauriNicole;752210 said:
    Those two are/were my favorite characters, and losing them both at once was tough.
    I feel the same because I trusted Lilly all the way. That's just sad, seeing my two favorite characters gone. I sure do hope Lilly will appear in season 2 :D
  • Duck's death was the most emotional, in my opinion.

    Carley's death was shocking, but it wasn't as depressing as watching Duck slowly begin to die while both Katjaa and Kenny were being torn apart by grief. The fact that Duck was just a kid, and his parent's were in the group, made his death far more emotional than Carley's. By the time Katjaa had committed suicide and I had Lee do the deed for Kenny, tears were flowing.

    Only one game before had ever made me cry, and that was the end of Silent Hill 2. The Walking Dead got me twice. (Duck's death, and Lee's death)
  • Duck's death made me depressed, talking some sense to Ken and seeing him cry just.... broke my heart :(
  • The St. Jihn Brothers. That was epic!
  • When carley was shot, I stopped playing and I'm not going any further. I really thought she was an awesome character, dunno why but i liked her
  • Carley. I'd genuinely developed feelings for that girl, she had my back the whole time, she forced me to admit the wrong doings in my past to the rest of the group, I immediately went to her aid at the drugstore (and instantly lied saying that I was intending to save them both) I couldn't fucking believe when she died. Lilly had to go, no hesitation... I never even brought it up after with the others outside the train. They knew, we all knew. I tried my best to help Lilly, I really did, despite her asshole dad having decked me. But she killed Carley, and because of that, she had to go. Goddamn this fucking game has really affected me. Haha
  • Demopan;752105 said:
    Andy, if you just left him there, actually kinda hit home. I mean, we just killed his entire family and ruined his home, stripped away everything he owned and mashed his face up to boot. I've never seen a man so broken.
    I'm sorry man, but that guy was a cannibal. I beat the shit out of him, but I let him live, never trusted him from the moment I laid eyes on him, he had a George Bush Jr. thing going on for himself. I gave him a fate worse than death, reflection... but to be honest, it was really the transference of anger, residual self hatred, having failed to stop Clem from eating, The Meat.
  • I think Ben's was the most tragic, he was given a chance to prove himself to Lee and the group, but he never got far enough to.
  • Am I the only one that thought Lee's death was sad? Just how him and Clementine were talking, the fact that she needs to do everything on her own now. I teared up
  • -Duck. God damn it! That damn walker just HAD to be there. Thank god Lee shot it.
    -Carley/Doug. Mostly just went "What the fuck did she do? >:L)
    -Ben. Damn kid. Hated him because he kiled my family, but after I heard his story, there was nothing to do but apologize.
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