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Xbox 360- Episode 3 Endless Black Screen Loop

posted by Togaman38 on - last edited - Viewed by 350 users
Just purchased all episodes on the xbox 360 marketplace yesterday, beat episodes 1 and 2 and thoroughly enjoyed them. Now as I try to play episode 3, I get a long pause and then an endless loop of sounds with a black screen. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the episode and had no success. I would appreciate any and all help i'm able to get with this, I'm very disappointed to already be having troubles after how fantastic the game has been so far. :(
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  • First tried to get right into episode 3, the screen flies quickly and I'm confused as episode 5 loads up... So I go back and "rewind" to where I actually am, beginning episode 3, and I get the black screen with the music loop. I'm so excited to play this game too! :eek:
  • So here's what happened. After the first malfunction I tried through the black screen three times. On the fourth try the game started loading episode 3 and I was psyched... until I saw that episode 1 loaded up. So it killed my saved game and then I could start episode 3. WTF
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