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Can't access episodes 2-5 that I paid for

posted by SLynette on - last edited - Viewed by 749 users
I paid the $14.99 for episodes 2-5, I downloaded them, it says they are installed but it won't open episode 2. My game is stuck at chapter 6, game 1. Everybody is in the drugstore and it won't progress any further. HELP!
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    You can select Episodes 2-5 from the episode select menu. Once you load your save or select a new save slot, you will be taken to the Episode 1 screen. Please use the arrows at the top of the screen to tab to other episodes and you will see a 'Play' button for each.
  • I just purchased Episodes 2-5 in-app on The Walking Dead, but the app will not download any episodes. This is very frustrating and I fear I've wasted my money. I loved episode 1! Please HELP!!!
  • Did you still get to download episodes 2-5?
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