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playing on ios, how in the hell do you make lee walk enough to stay behind the tractor? i've been stuck here for a week now and it's getting really really really old. is it a glitch for app players or am i just missing something. thanks in advance for the help!
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  • Try to not play it on ipad
  • Pickles312 wrote: »
    Try to not play it on ipad

    too late now.
  • So far I love this game ! Using Ipad mini and I am behind the tractor on the dairy farm. I've tried to do the tricks that have been posted but I die right away as I can not get Lee to walk with the tractor. I can't keep up with it. I've tried the backwards L
    Will go back to see of thumb in the middle of the tractor works. Any thoughts? Thanks
  • I'm losing my mind! I've tried every trick posted and still can't get Lee to walk with the tractor. I'm worried this may be a bug in the iPad mini. Anyone on iPads have any advice? I know this game isn't quite as popular but maybe someone has some ideas. Thanks again .
  • I have a brand new iPad.
    After kicking the last zombie in the head twice, tearing him in two and tossing him aside, I can't get Lee to move fast enough. I've tried everyone's suggestions to no avail.
    Any new suggestions? I'm really frustrated.
  • I've played the scene on my iPad and iPhone several times.. it's pretty easy. I got killed the first time because I was walking too fast.
    While the tractor is moving, what I did was the up, left, up, left, up, left, gesture. The tractor moved slow, so I made Lee walked "up" (as if he can pass through it) it will slow him down, and then "left".
  • Thanks Imood!

    One question. Do I need to "swipe" up and then left REALLY fast?

    I may be too old to play this game. May need to get my nephew over or wait until my boy gets older...

    Thanks again
  • Having same problem I have died a thousand deaths ...playing on Ipad 4 retina cant keep up with the speeding tractor omg!!!!
  • I've yet to successfully gate to the gate. Haven't even tried in awhile.

    ANYONE with an iPad TRULY make it?
  • Been trying to get to the gate for 2 weeks, tried everything. I finally gave up and hardly ever use my iPad anymore because I'm bummed out. I have an ipad 2 and wish there was a "cheat" button to get past this.
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