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Walking Dead download disappointment

posted by Shirazm on - last edited - Viewed by 517 users

I bought the whole season pack a few days ago and have been unsuccessful in downloading a single episode (from 2 on). This is a great game but you're killing the experience here. Not on,y this but I see posts from months ago about the same problem. What's the deal? Why can't we get a straight answer?

Can't you just out a full version in the App Store so it all downloads together?

This is really disappointing and not acceptable.
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  • I just purchased seasons 2-5 and it is not downloading at all even though I have an internet connection. I also noticed many others with the same problem. Had I known this I would not have purchased this product. This in not a good way to conduct business so I would I appreciate some help with this asap.:(
  • I played episode 1, then paid for Episode 2-5.
    I tried to download - even after about 6 hours - nothing.

    I would apprecciate very much indeed, if you you let us customers know, what you are about to do.


    I purchased the game on Apple AppStore and played on iPhone 5.
  • this is total bs! u took my $ no prob, then no dl! no support, no one to call? no refund?total joke!
  • Again no responses from the developers?
  • Try emailing [email][/email] ... they should issue you a trouble ticket and hopefully will get back to you.

    The only issues they seem to completely ignore (like you will never hear back from them about) involve the saved game corruption and Xbox360 disc stuttering.
  • I have just bought this game on the iStore, but it hasn't unlocked all the episodes. Even though i purchased the pack for £10.49. The purchase shows up on my account and the money has been deducted.

    how do i get access to my content?:confused:
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