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Continous Errors with TTG Software

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Forum Members,
Like you...I have been a gaming enthusiast for many years. The titles that Tell Tale Games have published have attracted thousands of gamers around the world and have gained a great deal of notoriety. That said...there has been numerous issues reported across most of the titles and in all of the forums related to similar issues loading and running their games. A specific example is the infamous "xxxxx.exe101 stopped working" (fill in the name of your game). Despite persistent pleas from the user community for several years...there has been very little done by TTG to correct the issue. The company continues to pump-out new titles, while users continue to encounter the same problems with their software. When asked for refunds..users struggle mightily with their distributing vendors and get very little sympathy from TTG.

I'm sure all those that have encountered this situation are similarly frustrated (as can be read throughout the forums). Why is this situation any different than if you purchase a defective product at the store and return it?! In's not. Given TTG's awareness of the issue and continued lack of support and negligence addressing the issue, I feel it necessary to take further action than pleading in the forums.

Shortly, I plan to pursue a class action lawsuit if we don't see TTG addressing the issues. I will be consulting with legal entities in the US to determine how to proceed. Let's face it....if you own a PC on a windows platform..there are bound to be software conflicts. Other vendors have the same issues...However, the difference is that other vendors acknowledge the problem and apply resources to address and support resolution of the issues. Clearly better communication and transparency is required with users in the community. Perhaps TTG will hear us and address the pervasive, software quality issues they continue to have through legal channels. Would like to hear your thoughts. :mad:
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