The Walking Dead - "Sorry, this account is not authorized to access this game"

As other people has reported, I bought my game on Steam and I have this error.
I have tried everything in order to fix it but it´s completely impossible to play the game. My account is the administrator and the only one in my computer so I don´t have any option to change parental control.

I tried to run the game as administrator but still the same.
This is so frustrating so I really hope there is another solution... ore something :(

PD- Sorry for my english, I´m not native.


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    mehaase wrote: »
    Charge it back on your credit card. Neither TTG nor Steam offers refunds under any conditions. There are dozens of other customers on here in the same exact situation.

    Worst advice ever. Do not charge it back unless you want your steam account closed.

    Also the statements that Steam doesn't refund under any circumstances is flat out false. I have been on steam for 8 years and have received several refunds. If the mistake is within the software and not user-based you WILL get one.

    I doubt this is the case here, but just clarifying that.

    OP, do you have enabled parental controls? is your windows account an administrator? Turn it off
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    Yes, my account is administrator so I can´t set up parental controls, that was the first thing I checked.
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