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What was your most intense reaction?

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Like the title says, what was your most extreme reaction while playing this game? Maybe you sobbed uncontrollably at the end, or yelled at the top of your voice at the screen, or punched a hole through your monitor in frustation. Whatever it was, let me know :D!

I had two: in Episode 4, when Ben was asking me to drop him, I was yelling at my screen "NO, NO, NO QUIERO!", which is Spanish for "NO, NO, I DON'T WANT TO!" (yes, this game made me switch languages mid-playthrough :eek:). Then, in Episode 5, when Kenny and Ben died, I was on the verge of tears and shaking. It got so bad that I started feeling cold and had to pause the game and grab a sweater.

So what was YOUR story :p?
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