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Problems with client

posted by Dreadlord on - last edited - Viewed by 172 users
I have the standalone The Walking Dead game client and I have been trying to open this game for forever and have just about had it. I have completed episode 2 but ever since they launched the available download of episode 3, I can open my client and THAT'S IT. The screen comes up and I hit "click to continue" then it says "connecting...." for a brief moment, and then it goes awsy and sits at that same screen with that top banner scrolling by. I can't click anything at all and the client isn't frozen because if I check it's status it does not say "Application not responding". I don't know hat to do. Uninstall thegame and then re-install?? I shouldn't have to do this.

To give you some info, I haven't made any types of system updates since downloading the original or anything large like that. I do not run through steam, nor have I ever on this game, and I play on a Macbook Pro. Are there any known issues or am I just havng bad luck or what?

What do I do?
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  • It's downloading a patch / update, which can take up to 20 minutes.
    Just sit tight, pour a drink and wait. Switching to windowed mode may crash the application, so I hope you've got a smartphone with WiFi.
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