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Not happy telleale games !!!!

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I downloaded "The Walking Dead" episode from iTunes for my iPhone for free and completed episode 1...

...I then went ahead and purchased episodes 2-5 for $15.99 through the game which wasnt a problem, nor was it a problem for TellTale Games to charge me the $15.99 on my credit card (without a purchasing number)...

...The only problem is that episode 2 wouldnt download, made it to 90% then failed... and upon doing this, it chewed up 75% of my monthly download for my iPhone so now i cant download anything else if i want to use the intenet on a light ubasis for the next 3 weeks (thanks TellTale for nothing!!!)

You guys need to make the downloads for episode 2-5 available on itunes! Either that or refund me and everyone else in the same position their money back.

If I dont hear anything positive within the next 2 working days back from Telltale Games, ill be contacting my credit card company to chase you guys up to have the money refunded!!!...this is a class of fraud!


1/- Make Episodes 2-5 downloadable on iTunes (free for those who have already purchased it but not recieved their paid goods)



A Rather Pissed Off Customer!
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  • If your in the same position as me and are pissed off about this, write a comment and help take action in that TellTale Games will refund our money back or fix the problem they created!
  • Hi have had same prob on the ipad. Eventually after about a million tries and by staying constantly connected to a web page and doing the download late night it worked. Game is amazing but very frustrated at the hassle in downloading.

    I read that the iPhone issue may be linked to the device overheating so try taking off any cover and putting it somewhere cold like window sill. It might help the download process is so slow the phone could be getting too warm.

    Good luck x
  • Guys,

    I had the same problem, and it chewed through so much data, that I went over my data plan to the tune of over $150 in overage fees. I am not even sure what to do at this point. See my post here:
  • I have this problem n when I contact them they won't respond I want my money back
  • I too was unable to download games 2-5 but contacted Apple who is aware of the problem and had my money back in 48 hours
  • Problem has been going on for a long time. I was finally able to fully download all episodes. Contacted TT in the past and only got a cut and paste generic answer. Good luck getting your money back, just don't count on it.
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