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Lag xbox 360

posted by amauryttrench on - last edited - Viewed by 3.3K users
I've just bought the cd version of the game for xbox 360 and all I get is a lag after another, since the very first scene in the highway with the police officer. Is there a solution for this?
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  • I own the digital version on Xbox 360 and I don't notice any lag whatsoever, apart from the skips that happens on cutscenes or whatnot, but nothing really problematic.

    Overall, a fantastic experience.

    Though, I read the disc edition has performance flaws, so it may be why.
  • That's also what i read. So, telltale games should do something, like updating the game, or recalling it...
  • Maybe releasing a Title Update could fix the issues that exist.

    As I live in UK, and since I got 2 episodes for free (episode 1 was free & had left over points which were enough to purchase ep 2), and the rest was half price, it was obviously the best choice to get this on digital format.

    I may purchase the disc version if it gets released later on in UK.
  • Dont! At least until they say something about fixing these issues...
  • I've had similar issues myself with the retail release. I believe the problem comes from that it takes longer to read information off a disc than a hard drive. Sadly there's no install option for the retail version. =/
  • On all Xbox 360 games it's possible to install the game data, though it still requires the disc to verify that the owner has the original disc.
  • Phil_TWD;754312 said:
    On all Xbox 360 games it's possible to install the game data, though it still requires the disc to verify that the owner has the original disc.
    Not on games that are compilations of XBLA games, which the Walking Dead is. Probably because as downloadable games they were designed to run directly from a hard-drive and allowing them to be installed might bypass the disc requirement. The XBLA Unplugged compilations usually can't be installed either.
  • Oh that's a shame, I prefer to install all games on the HDD that I play than run them from the disc.

    P.S.: I'm not sure why TellTale Games hasn't published The Walking Dead retail version outside US, but considering the flaws, no one's losing out.
  • There's a massive thread about this... the disc versions seem to be unplayable on the 4GB Xbox Slims, although gamers with other Xboxes have had issues as well.

    And it has nothing to to with the speed that data can be read from the disc. The Xbox drives can read between 8 Mbps and 10 Mbps.

    This is why super-compressed games like Mass Effect 3 can stream content rather effectively with no lag even though they're not installed to the local drive.

    Maybe Telltale didn't do a good job optimizing the game for disc release, but the issue is with the coding and not with the hardware.
  • Um.... telltale? I'd like to play my game now it's almost 2013, no fix still. Tried playing through game when it was unplayable, tried playing the game after patch... still unplayable. :confused:

    You gonna... I dunno, answer people or do you guys all take vacations after selling games? Don't you guys like, pay people to like play this stuff so it can be fixed before you release garbage like this and have a pr nightmare? Like a.... some kinda.... quality assurance testers?

    Just to let you know if you feed me pizza's and give me minimum wage i'll totally beta test your next game and do a better job by myself. Pretty sure it'd take a 5 year old beta tester to notice zombie grunts audio looping while the game freezes and characters are twitching.. it happens when we're normally playing occasionally, but when we have to make decisions whoah! it's like some sick kinda joke and you want us to be mad.
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