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why do I have to generate random decisions!!!!!!

posted by rawmaufuka on - last edited - Viewed by 6.4K users
I have finished episode 2 and have purchased all episodes, I try To continue to episode 3 and it's asking me to generate ransomed decisions to carry forward!!
I do not wanna do this, what the point of making any decisions if its gonna be random anyways?!!!

what's the fix for this?

I have an iPad 3 and I am using current savelog help!!!!
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  • Same here!!!
    I encountered the same problem!!
    I just couldn't continue episode 3!
    There is no point for me to accept a new game with decisions randomly generated as the main feature of the game is my decisions matter!
    I urge the developer to release an update as soon as possible or provide me a refund!
  • Same problem for me. Anyone know of a fix or is there an update? I really want to keep playing but my decisions I've made are what make the game so good and so much fun to go on.

    Developer, please help. I can't rightly tell friends to buy this game if there is this big of an issue and I have a few friends that want to know how I like it.
  • Same here.. Just finished ep 2 yesterday. Trying to play ep 3 with the same problem keep popping out. As it is, my ep 2 is also missing ie i have to download the ep again. Where did it go? I've just finished the episode yesterday n now my ipad is telling me to download ep 2 to play it. Something is definitely wrong here.
  • Same here. Watched the credits role on Episode 2, tried to start Episode 3 and the game wants to generate random story decisions. Look, I stole the food and I stick to that decision. Please let me continue the game with it! This is a major issue, please fix!
  • Yep, I had the same thing happen to me yesterday. I have tried "rewind" and replaying the end of Ep. 2 and rolling through the credits, but it still asks me to generate random decisions. I want my decisions to carry over. How do we fix this?
  • Same here, I'll request a refund via itunes and link to this forum to prove it. Its really annoying. First i wanted to play episode 2 a second time but i had to redownload it and the DL Bug occured. It makes no sense to have randomly generated questions as it destory the whole experience.
  • I've tried it again and wasted 2 hours replaying. The same error ... Refunding now
  • Happening with me it deleted Episode 2. Agh! TellTale read this pls and tell whats going on. The episodes i installed get deleted after completion?
  • Hey guys,

    So I did some poking around tonight since we have not had a response to our complaint and found this (read the 3rd post down):

    I'm still copying my save so I can revert back if it doesn't work, but it looks like you can check randomize your decisions and your decisions WILL TRANSFER over if you have completed episodes 1 and 2. Going to double check tonight to confirm. I'll let you all know if it looks like it worked.
  • I emailed apple explained to them that I have emailed telltale about this problem aswell went on the support forums and they have not helped me.. apple gave me a refund instantly for all the episodes 14.99

    thanx wolf woods I am gonna try this it today!!!!

    Telltale get your support team on this... And get some real customer support!!!!
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