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Whose death made you so emotional?

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A lot of the characters have died already, but Carley's death just broke my damn heart!
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  • Duck's, because it was so slow and painful, watching his parents suffer, and little mister bright-eyed and bushy-tailed was just lying there all wheezy and gray in his mommy's arms... and I...

    *lip wobble* Dammit! It's not fair! He was supposed to grow up and mature and become a cool guy like his dad and marry Clemmy!, it's just allergies. Really. *sniffle*
  • She deserved better.
  • Nick-mas;754732 said:
    She deserved better.
  • Cooperal;710959 said:
    Totally shouldn't have included Carley in the poll. To too many players Carley was the closest thing that they'd ever had to a girlfriend. The boards were overflowing with irrational "bring her back to life", "give us the chance to save her" and who could forget the ever so pathetic "maybe she survived the shot".
    That is one of the most disrespectful things I've ever read in my life. Is it so unbelievable that so many people liked her and her death invoked those reactions simply because they thought she was a good character.
  • Sickle5;754093 said:
    Am I the only one that thought Lee's death was sad? Just how him and Clementine were talking, the fact that she needs to do everything on her own now. I teared up
    Most of these replies were before the last episode was released I think. Lee's death was the saddest for me, never cried over a video game until the death of Lee.

  • *SPOILER* Why is Lee not here? The only death that really made me cry was his. Carley's death just made me want to torture Lilly, and Duck's wasn't too bad. But it made me so sad that Kaatja killed herself.
  • If Lee was on the list, definitely Lee. The entire scene was intense and a tear jerker. In the meantime, Carley had the most effect on me because she's my favourite character in the group. It was sudden and shocking and it effectively squashed the possibility of a brighter future. It served as a reminder of the brutal TWD world after the writers set the player up for disappointment with a romance arc that suggested a brighter future was possible. This is probably why so many are upset. I definitely felt things were a lot more dark after Carley.
  • (Just felt like copying instead of quoting so I did)

    A lot of the characters have died already, but Carley's death just broke my damn heart!
    When Carly died I shouted at my monitor. It was depressing.

    Me too, f that soab lilly. I immediately said (f you soab lilly and wanted options to you know kill her?) it was also shocking and depressing. i didnt play for days and thought about that scene until now o.0
  • The death of Lee gave me swollen eyes... Especially since Clemetine was alone after that and you could tell the ending of the game was near.
    Beautiful ending, beautiful death.
    So yeah, Lee's death was the 'best' in my opinion.
  • I dont think her as dead. the bullet went in her jaw/cheek. So what?
    You cant die instantly. I bet the group could patch her up.

    Carley's death was the one that made my jaw drop. and like what the first post said, break my heart? She had a great personality, good looks, etc. What a great character. She needs to be recognized more. (I don't think she's overrated, cus she deserves recognition for saving her life, and for being a great person)
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