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What is your faverout quote from TWD?

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I am sure you can figure out what mine is.
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    "Like shit...right Lee?"

    "That's fucking stupid, Ben."

    "...anyone want some candy?"
  • xXNinjaScoreXx;755008 said:
    Mine too.
    is it... my names chuck, charles if you're fancy?
    E: Anti-capslock?
  • I've got a few:

    "Ask not for whom the bell tolls... it tolls for thee"

    "Your son is alive, you don't get to be sorry!"

    "You think you're some tough bitch, don't you? Like nothing can hurt you. But, you're just a scared little girl. Get the fuck over it. Take a page from Lee's book and try helping somebody for once."

    "My parents. It's so horrible. And now... you? PLEASE... Please don't be one of them. Please don't become a walker."

    "Do I look like a monster to you?"
  • Lee: Ben! Kill anything that gets in!
    Ben: You know you're talking to me right?

    Cop: It goes the show, people will up and go mad when they believe their life is over.
  • "Where did your weapon go?"
    "In that ice-pick sized hole..."
    - Lee and Glenn after killing a Zombie

    - Lee in an fight with Kenny

    "... Because the one armed guy insist."
    - Lee, after loosing an arm and volunteering for a task.

    "Officer? God damn!"
    - Lee, after a, more or less, life changing car accident.

    "Did you lick it?"
    "I don't know..."
    - Lee and Clementine

    "In rural georgia, you are told not to waste."
    - Brenda St. John

    "You are not coming with us..."
    - Lee/Larry

    "I know who you are..."
    - Carley/Larry

    "Our Group is small."
    "You're small."
    "Well, you are a convicted killer."
    "Carley, Jesus!"
    - Lee and Carley
  • We did kill her dad! (LoL)
  • "NO! You don't touch that boy! You don't touch ANYBODY! I got a little girl to protect in here, too! You wanna get violent, you old fuck? Well, COME ON! You better have a plan to kill me though, because it's ME before anyone else in here!" - Lee threatening Larry

    "That little girl's in MY care! We've been through more together than you can imagine! Anyone who tries to between me and her - ANYONE - is gonna wind up dead! You hear me?!" - Lee telling off Vernon
  • "Fuck You Kenny!" Ben Ep5
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